The Chain Writing Game ~ week 5 ~ Episode 29


“Drop the torch!”

Kelly takes her blouse off and ties it around Ben’s arm.

“This should help.”

Ben has tears in his eyes but has to suck it up. “So why did my uncle react so?”

“He doesn’t want anyone hurt. That’s why he evacuated the building this morning and cleared the area.”

When they reach the tenth floor they see BUI’s through the window creating havoc. Destroying R & D property and fighting amongst each other.

Ben strikes a match igniting the torches immediately.

Kelly puts her hand on Ben’s cheek, smiles and smashes the window with a bucket.


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10 thoughts on “The Chain Writing Game ~ week 5 ~ Episode 29

  1. Kelly taking her blouse off may prove a good distraction for Ben’s pain as well as a bandage. I like that the BIUs were fighting amongst themselves. That’s what monsters do when no one else is around. Love the tender moment before Kelly smashes the window. Great episode!

  2. Maybe Victor’s not such a bad sort after all!
    Looks like we’re moving to the end game. Just the kill switch (and the assorted creatures guarding it) to go now.

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