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Today I’m celebrating 54 years of breathing life.  I have finally found joy in my heart.  I’m finally able to see with the bright light washing me.  I found the one person who has always had my back.  That person is me.  I hope to enjoy all the sweet wishes on FB and spend the day watching the snow fall.   So all those who visit my blog today. Toast my years HUGS!!!

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I had a nice weekend with the kiddies. The played, argued even had a few blows were thrown. I was convinced to sip on Tequila. They sang happy birthday to me and we ate cake. We watched the amazing Gabby Douglas story quietly until someone who will remain nameless had to bring the Tequila back up. Got home last night unpacked showered, ate then laid in bed to watch the Seahawks kick butt through naps. I’m just getting out of bed minutes after ten. I don’t want to sleep my birthday away. I thank God for allowing me to see another day, year and for the beautiful winter snow day He is giving me.




shared by my cousin on FB
shared by my cousin on FB



43 thoughts on “Clink!

  1. Well happy birthday…even though a day late. I enjoyed you sharing your day and especially that you have found the one person who will always have your back…YOU! Very cool. Congratulations on finding that out!
    Gayle ~

  2. Belated happy Birthday dearest Kim. May God continue to shower his blessings on you and may He give you more wonderful years on earth filled with joy, peace and prosperity. Stay happy dearest Kim. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness–first, most happy birthday wishes to you, and prayers for a blessed year! It was an interesting day here today, post-Seahawks win–I’m not a football fan, yet picked up some easy intel to make me sound less ignorant about “our” winning team! I LOVE the Success list–good grief!! Again, Happy Birthday!!!

    1. I’m not a fan either. There was a bio on one of the players I liked and I decided I wanted them to win based on that. However I can’t remember who it was or what about him I liked. I wanted to see the commercials but they weren’t that great this year./So anyway I would love to live in Seattle or at least visit because i hear it rains there all the time and you can see the northern lights from there and it’s close to Alaska. But still thank you for the birthday wishes.

      1. It doesn’t really rain here “all the time”–popular myth. And I don’t know where in Seattle you could see the northern lights–too much city and suburban light interference; but you can get to Alaska, and no doubt have better luck there.

  4. The title of your post pulled me in, Kim, and I’m glad I peeked even though still being on break…wishing you a very, very Happy Birthday with lots of “clinking,” good health, love and happiness! Sending many birthday hugs! 🙂

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