The Chanin Writing Game wk 6 E 23



Episode 23

Jadir shifts back to his own body before Eliya uses her weapon on Asshuluk’Bol.

“They don’t want our people to join forces.”

“Why?” Eliya asks as she pointed her stone/metal weapon at the Hasshum’Al.

Meanwhile on the other side of the wall Hamis and Camilla are holding hands strolling in toward the wall.

“There’s a ladder leaning against the wall” Camilla says

“That’s curious.”

“Look the moon is moving in front of the sun?” Camilla said.

Hamis rub his chin. An explosion shakes the ground beneath their feet.

Together they run.


Eliya uses her stone/metal on Hasshum’Al who explodes instantly.

Yes another week of the Chain Writing Game.  This is Episode 23 and it’s my first!!!  I read everyone’s episode up to this point.  I didn’t comment because I want to hurry and participate.  You all wrote another excellent and unique story.  Loving it.

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12 thoughts on “The Chanin Writing Game wk 6 E 23

  1. Ha, another one bites the dust!
    And Camilla is running around with another guy. Poor Jadir 😦 Good job he’s the prophesied one, that should ease his disappointment a bit.

  2. Ooh, the Ezreet are getting mowed down like wheat. And Hamis and Camilla are holding hands? It seems clear what Camilla does when Jadir isn’t around. It’s starting to look like Jadir has better choice in Eliya, who’s already lonely. I like all that happened in this episode. You really moved it along.

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