The Chain Writing Game ~ Week 7 ~Episode 3


“Wake up Hugh, it’s time for your last meal. You got a T-bone steak and banana pudding for dessert as requested.” Kurt said before mixed his spit into the bake potato. Kurt opened the steel door that enclosed the bar gate.

When he put the tray on the shelf between the bars he noticed Hugh was gone.

“Hugh where are you?” Kurt pulled his keys from his belt and screamed, “Jack the son of a bitch isn’t in here his cell.”

Jack came running down the corridor and found Kurt bent over looking under the bed. Jack looked . . .


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8 thoughts on “The Chain Writing Game ~ Week 7 ~Episode 3

  1. Yowza! He’s out already. Kurt’s already in trouble and wonder if Hugh has another way of getting back at him for the cattle-prodding. Things are moving fast already. I like it!

  2. Great continuation. I was all ready to post when your’s came through so I backed up and added a link in the story line to your Jack looked but I am not sure it was where you were going with it. I couldn’t begin to write about the escape as all I could come up with was a rehash of the Shawshank Redemption.

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