The Chain Writing Game ~ Episode 8


Hugh heads to the rocks on the far side of the island. As a former Olympian swimmer four miles to the nearest city is a piece of cake.

Hugh could hear the bloodhounds the alarm blaring. He takes off his shirt and pants and drags them on the ground in the opposite direction.

Warden Sims barked into the red phone. “Where are those ass holes Jack and Trent? I want them in my office ASAP! Have the bloodhounds on the grounds tracing that murdering SOB Hugh Smith and get him back in time for his date with the noose.


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4 thoughts on “The Chain Writing Game ~ Episode 8

  1. I like the technique he used. That’s smart thinking. And it’s interesting to know he can swim so well. We can use that again later. Nice!

    P.S. But we just need to update his name to Hugh and it’s all good.

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