Photo Fiction ~ Nature and its Beauty


Alluring and majestically she climbs

serenity whispers

the thundering magic.

A single moment of peace

before the waking world

begins its aimless wandering in the dark

we drink the nectar of life

as one.

Brown fingers reaching for heaven

adorned in green jewels

or delicate blossoms.

Lilacs, poppies and rosebuds

kiss away the morning dew

sweet fragrances linger.

In her shadow

feathers flap floating free.

In her reflections

fins fly over rolling waves.

In her flourishing garden

gentle beast race carefree.

In her concrete jungle

children laugh with innocence.

The loudness is lost

in silence.

The silence humanity savagely disturbs


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 02/10/2014

This was written for Al’s Photo Fiction Challenge.  The beautiful image above is one of his amazing photo’s.  If you want to read more of the entries click here

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