The Chain Writing Game ~ wk 7 ~ ep 13



CO Marshal timidly knocks on Warden Sims office.

“What?!”  Sims barks

Marshall gulps and informs. “Jack and Trent washed up outside the sewer. They’re both dead.”

“I was looking forward to punishing them. Oh well.” Sims says filling his coffee mug with the liquor he brought out his desk draw. “The FBI is on their way. We can’t have those local yokels trying to take down Hugh. Well have a cluster f u…..”

Joan, Sims secretary yells through the intercom. “Two state troopers claim to have spotted Hugh’s.”

“Tell them to stand down and let the FBI handle this.”


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14 thoughts on “The Chain Writing Game ~ wk 7 ~ ep 13

  1. Awesome! I love the direction you’re taking this. I wasn’t sure if Kurt and Jack made it or not. This works for me that they didn’t. And now the lunatics are hot on the heels of Hugh and Susan. What do you want to bet they ignore the “stand down” order?

      1. Yeah, it’s Sarah. Good thing our bad cops won’t. It would be boring otherwise. I just added an episode and the lunatics are chasing them hard and ignoring “real” authority.

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