Digging to China

Last Friday we received a notice saying the water and or electricity and gas may be turned off for two hours a day for about two weeks.  So we prepare by making sure to shower Sunday night and storing water to flush and wash our hands with.

It snowed Sunday night and we were sure they wouldn’t be doing any work. But first thing Monday morning the following machines began digging in the ground.  I sleep in the basement so it sound like they were digging in the next room . . . well really they were.

digging to China 008

digging to China 004

The thing I find fascinating is their lunch time they light a steel can on fire I figured for them to warm up being that it’s 27°F. I was wrong it’s for lunch.  These guys popped out a grill and some steaks and hovered around waiting for lunch.  They have their bread to make sandwiches and before you know it it’s much time.  The mailman even stopped to check out the grilling.

digging to China 002


digging to China 003

digging to China 005

digging to China 013

digging to China 011

We’re expecting more snow tonight and all day tomorrow wonder if they will be working.  Sorry for the blurriness it’s too cold out there for me.

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  1. Well heck get your self some ear plugs for the early morn pounding, as for keeping warm and lunch, take them a desert at lunch time and sweetly ask if they could wait til 8am to start…may take a few days of desert but worth a try…LOL

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