Love’s is Comfort as Hate’s is Fear


Recently I’ve heard theories that fear is the opposite to love. I say theory because I believe love and hate are polar twins. They are the mirror image of each other. They are both intense emotions that can’t easily be defined.

There is a mirror image for everything, this keeps us balanced in this universe. It rains to provide us with water and help the trees, fruits and plants to grow. The rain provides us with the life giving liquid that our bodies need. When it stops raining, the sun shines drying the rain and provides us with the nutrients we need to survive. This allows the cycle of life to continue to spin and keep our universe in balance. I know the scales are unbalanced but this is a topic for another time.

The clouds in the sky draw the rain water up from the ocean. Until the clouds become heavy and causes the water to distill back on the earth. While this is going on the ocean is always reflecting the sky. If you look across the sea you can’t tell where the sky ends and the ocean begins. They are the mightiest mirror image visible to man. This is the ultimate example of the scales of balance.

Love is an emotion not easily described or deciphered. There are many aspects of loving. Love can be an illusion of desire which can stir comfort and calm what fears, there may have been. Hate is another emotion strong painful stemming from disappointment and hurt, it also stimulates fear.

Tiny Buddha, Sarah Nean Bruce wrote a chart Love Verses Fear  She shows what love is and what fear is. The things that are feared are the things that promote hate.

This is what I understand. Love is a feeling that releases endorphins. That soothe our thoughts and emotions and comfort us. Hate fuels our adrenaline which agitates and makes us irrational stimulating our fears. The way I see it, love has always had an intimate relationship with hate. Love is a struggles a test of endurance and trust. Our love causes us at time to become timid, lustful and nervous and cause our emotions to bubble with feelings of fear. Love was once unconditional but as we mature love becomes foreign and feared.

So in my eyes ‘There’s a Line Between Love and Hate,’ as The Persuaders said. Relationships between a man and woman, a father and son, a mother and daughter or whatever relationship in all the many scenarios life offers us today will always have friction. We were created imperfect and no one will be perfect for us in our eyes. It is through love that we learn to see beyond these imperfections. If we can’t then we begin to feel hate, just as we once felt the love.

Emotions of anger ignite the polar image of love which is hate. Balancing the two is a task not easily accomplished. I guess this is where fear comes into play. Our hate is anger, disappointment and resentment rolled up in one and we feel an emotion of fear. Fear of lost, failure and emotions of inadequacies which causes us self abuses our physic. Fear is born from the unknown of love and hate. Fear is felt by premonitions that surround us. Faith in ourselves, faith in the light we find growing inside us will control our fear. Yes I believe love will conquer fear but I don’t think love is the opposite of fear. Comfort is the opposite image of fear.

One day I may prescribe to the therapy of fear being the opposite of hate but not today. I continually live between that thin line of love and hate for twenty-three years. I love unconditionally but everyone I love has conditions for my love and it’s not fear. I don’t think its hate either maybe it’s loathing.

Just to set the record straight I don’t hate anyone it’s a feeling and I learned that feelings come and go.


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 2/15/14



17 thoughts on “Love’s is Comfort as Hate’s is Fear

  1. It is nice to see your reflections on this subject. Very deep, indeed. Anger and emotions of hate are often used to mask our own insecure emotions of fear, sadness, and hurt. If we can understand why we feel anger towards another person or situation, we can heal it. It is true that positive feelings and positive thoughts help us grow and mature more than negative feelings and thoughts. It takes the time and energy to make sense of our trauma and heal to rid ourselves of the negativity that we, as humans, use to keep ourselves safe from future hurts.

    1. Love is about opening, fear about withdrawal. What else could there be there beyond that?

      The question is not
      “Yes or no,” seeker of Love
      but, “Now or later.”

      – From “The Book Of Guff”.

      1. There are many that I love and loved. I continue to love and continue to be hurt. When I hurt I believe that emotion to be hate. In reality I don’t hate. Maybe I’m beginning to see that emotion as fear. Still working it out in my head.

        1. Fully feeling our reaction to being hurt is painful. We are afraid to experience that sensation, so we push it away and often use hate as the vehicle, There are other ways: ignorance (ignoring it), distraction, denial etc. But they all boil down to fear.Once we can manage to face our emotional pain we can begin to rebuild ourself and return to the open, loving true person we were as a child. Or that is my experience anyway. I hard-won learning.

  2. Can’t say I hate anyone. But – there are definitely people that I don’t like one bit.
    As far as love & fear being polar opposites…Hmmm…Perhaps. IDK…


  3. I wrote the same sort of thing about love and fear being “polar opposites” in my book The Phantom Speaks, which I’m going to be releasing soon. The first chapter is about love. It’s all very humorous and tongue in cheek sort of stuff, but if you like I can send you the little book, or the excerpt.

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