Possessed ~ Friday Fictioneer Story

Copyright - David Stewart
Copyright – David Stewart


The children quickly ran screaming from the one room school-house, the moment Stymie started pouring gasoline from the jerry can over every desk, chair and shelf in the room. I paused at the door, turned and saw Stymie with a blank expression. . .No his eyes were distant.   He turned the gas can upside down and saturated his body. He struck a match and the next thing I heard was puff. There wasn’t anything I could do to help Stymie. As I ran I heard Stymie laughing and ringing the recess bell.

The firemen never found Stymie’s  body.

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 02/21/14

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It’s time for Friday Fictioneer’s and I almost didn’t hang out this week.  I woke up with this story this morning. For those who haven’t heard Friday fictioneeer is an addictive writing challenge.  Thanks to our host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields of Addicted to Purple   who provides us with a new photo to work with every Wednesday to interpret with a 100 word story. This is an excellent way to fine tune your editing craft.  But it’s okay if you go over or below the word count a little.  I find it challenging to work my story  down or up until I have exactly 100 words. But many go over a little or less.

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64 thoughts on “Possessed ~ Friday Fictioneer Story

  1. The story is powerful – I tripped over the use of his name as often as it was in the 100 words, especially the last line. I wanted to read “The firemen never found his body…” since I knew it would by Stymie. Just a small thing that might help.

  2. Dear Kim,

    Dark, horrible, believable and well written. Only one bit of crit. It seems your first two sentences should be one divided by a comma. The first sentence is an unfinished phrase. Aside from that…good one.



  3. That’s a very tragic story but sometimes it happens.. That’s the way some people choose to commit suicide or murder here in India. Cooking fuel is easer to access than a weapon like a gun.

  4. Reminded me of the school tragedies that have been happening with some regularity these days. Mental health may affect a few, but it concerns all of us…or it should. Good story…

    1. Yes it should. Our kids today live in a virtual world. Violent movies, video games and gangster rap. Its getting harder to monitor with all the electronics available. Parents don’t have time because the are too busy on their devices. My grand kids want me over all the time because I cook and we talk. Sorry for going off on a rant. Thanks for reading.

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