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Grans’ Lawn

Gran rose every morning to feed the birds the left over rice and stale bread. Then she would pull the weeds from her vegetable garden and flower beds. Then turn on the sprinkler on to water the back yard. Then she would go to the front yard and do the same. Only she would use the water hose to spray the grass, the roses, the zinnia in a variety of colors, azalea, daffodils and butter cups flower beds. She even had a sweet-smelling honeysuckle tree against the house.

Gran would chat with the neighbors as they passed by on their way to work. They often complimented her on how beautiful her lawn was. The grass was always meticulous, the edges were evenly parted and the lawn flawlessly manicured. There were never any dry patches. The Kentucky Blue was full and lush.

Gran didn’t need a fence around her lawn nor did she need a keep off the grass sign. All during the day she checked on her lawn and if anyone dared step a foot on her grass, Gran would yell with authority, “GETOFF MY GRASS!” Everyone who passed the house watched their step. Even dogs knew better than to poop on her lawn.

Gran worked in her yard until she died at a hundred and one. That’s when the neighborhood kids started playing on the grass doing hand stands and somersaults. Teenagers would lie on the grass smoking and drinking. The older adults would sit there in evening to watch the sun set.

Gran’s niece tried to keep the people off the grass but they just ignore her. One day the niece brought a Keep Off the Grass sign. She put it in the center of the lawn, but it didn’t stop the people until a crow started hanging out on top of the sign then when anyone stepped on the grass that old crow would attacked them.

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 2/22/14

This was written for Al’s Photo Fiction Challenge.  The beautiful image above is one of his amazing photo’s.  If you want to read more of the entries click here

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