My Story is Published!!

Greetings All,

I’ve been MIA for a week or so.  I’m okay, I’ve just been very tired which is normal for Lupies. (a term that who have lupus use to describe ourselves)  Also I’ve been working on my novel which I hope to finish the first draft this week.  I’m so excited because I’m inspired by the story again.

I also have exciting news. This month my story Possibilities is being featured in Penni’s online magazine You: Unlimited, The Life Changing Magazine.  Thank you so very much Penni!!!

At the end of this post Penni is offering to my friends 3 months free access to You: Unlimited, The Life Changing

I won a copy of  Going Home By  Penni Mannas Diefendorf  who is the Founder and Director of, an online community and repository of  ideas and strategies to live life at your highest potential. She pioneers consciousness as a practical way of being: not live your life and eventually become conscious, but become conscious and truly live your life.

I am currently reading  UN-CONFORM Conscious Thrive Consciousness  which Penni says should be read before Going Home.  I find it very inspiring.  The language Penni uses is easy to follow and clear to the point.

I met Penni on The Blog of Linda Parkinson-Hardman’s  Thursday Throngs   If you haven’t visited Linda’s blog I suggest you do, she offers a lot of helpful information for aspiring writers and bloggers.

Linda is the author of many books you can go to her Amazon page here and see all the books she has available.

You: Unlimited, The Life Changing Magazine. Simply download it at the links below and use the subscriber code: YU43mxs
Play store

  • Install the App on your device (iPhone, iPad or Android)
  • Launch the Magazine
  • On the Home Page, click on the Yellow subscribe button
  • Tap on the Current Subscribers button
  • Enter this: YU43mxs

You will now get free access to the magazine for 3 months. Just like with real magazines, when you subscribe, the latest issue is downloaded and you will get any future issues included in your subscription plan.

Remember, the code is case sensitive and will be valid till the end of this month.”

Both these codes will be valid till the end of the month.

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  1. I can evince great resolve and passion for writing in you. Having seen at close quarters in my mother how problematic and life changing, an immune system mal-function can be, I salute you. I know Lupus kind of afflictions cannot be cured, only managed and wish you all the best.


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