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tomatoe potatoe plant

A Fruit Salad Tree! Different fruits grow on one tree.
A Fruit Salad Tree!
Different fruits grow on one tree.
Rainbow Peppers grow on one plant?!
Rainbow Peppers grow on one plant?!
A Tomato Tree?!
A Tomato Tree?!
A Cherry Bush?!
A Cherry Bush?!

The horror
There are over seven billion people on this earth. Through science we are living longer. Over a hundred years ago most of our food was raised on farms or hunted. Fruits and vegetables were grown on these same farms. Or the farmers traded with each other. The animals were treated with compassion. Fed and allowed graze or roam around the farm. They were killed before being skinned and butchered for meat.

Our fruits and vegetables were grown seasonally. We had to wait for the summer for melons, tomatoes, cucumbers and avocado’s to name a few. In the last ten years we are able to get whatever we want no matter what time of year it is.

Today our fruits and vegetables are being altered. It started with seedless grapes, then seedless oranges now we have seedless watermelons. It is unnatural. I received my Carol Wright magazine http://www.carolwrightgifts.com/

What I saw really disturbed me. A cherry bush and a tomato tree, for those who don’t know tomatoes grow on vines and cherries grow on trees. Remember George Washington couldn’t tell a lie he chopped down the cherry tree. A tree that grows different kinds of fruits and different color peppers growing on one plant. This is science fiction at its best. We don’t know what we’re putting in our bodies. We get fruit and vegetables imported from other countries and don’t know what kinds of insecticides they are using. A lot of insecticides are banned in the US but are we still safe?

What about this abomination a tomato plant grows above ground and potatoes grow below ground.
I understand the reason for altering fruits and vegetables is to mass produce to feed the billions of people. But shouldn’t the quality of food be considered. We don’t know the long term effects of these foods. On a spiritual level, is man trying to prefect what God has already created perfect?

As I stated above our meat use to come from farms or was hunted and killed. Today the animals are being injected and feed hormones to make them bigger which will enable one animal to feed twice as many people. Is it okay when a little girl at five years old starts growing breast or twelve year old boys growing breast? If you give animals hormones and we eat the animals we are affected.

If that isn’t bad enough there are fillers add to meat in the United States. It’s called pink slim. It is meat products that were once used to make pet food. It’s the scraps that is scraped together and treat with ammonia, frozen and sold as filler. Well start barking because it’s in our meat. Especially in fast food restaurants check out the following video. My question is did McDonald really stop using fillers.


Another thing they are doing with the scraps is mixing them with this compound that glues the pieces together. If you watch the following video you will see that the guys are wearing mask and using gloves. It is evidently dangerous so why is it being sold to us to eat and feed our children.

Slime http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CE0QFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Frecipes.howstuffworks.com%2Fpinkslime-ammonia-ground-beef.htm&ei=fwgxUcepBs6v0AGbtoGgBA&usg=AFQjCNG70JIFI-TX9sxnrlw99KgjNBBmVg&sig2=dz3-R80rhM_buWhZrlUlYQ&bvm=bv.43148975,d.dmQ&cad=rja

In one of grocery stores I go to, that I won’t name but it is a big chain around this country, but the beef is labeled 90% lean 85% lean. It doesn’t tell you if it’s chuck, sirloin or ground round. I brought meat from them for years and when I saw the meat being labeled like this I was confused. Leaner meat is good for you right? But I don’t think so if it’s mixed with this slime crap.



Now if you don’t care that you’re eating something that you don’t know what the potential harm is down the line then maybe the following video’s will make you think twice. These video’s are from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) http://prime.peta.org/. Please view with caution. I can watch really gory horror movies but this is real life and it brought tears to my eyes and it turned my stomach. It will make you ask the question who are the real animals?

http://bit.ly/cFgeCH monks raising chickens
Dairy Farms

Slaughtered cows

http://bit.ly/LPC6hJ For fur

Have you ever noticed elephants look as if they cry? Well watch these video’s of elephants with Ringling Bro.

The following is a baby elephant born unnaturally under Ringling Bros. supervision.

Baby elephant born in a wild life Refuge see the difference between the baby born in the care of Ringling Bros,

Elephants are docile animals. They stay in herds and maintain a family unit. The bulls leave the family when they are old enough but the females stay together. They even mourn their dead.

17 thoughts on “Who’s the animal

  1. I read decades ago that American humans are actuallynot fit for human consumption. And things have got much worse since then too. 😦

  2. I wonder about the food that gets ok’d. I’m thinking when it comes down to it – it’s all about money.

    The 2nd & 3rd videos were hard to watch. 😦

  3. Some of the videos I couldn’t watch because I just can’t. What are we allowing to happen? How can we be stronger and better at stopping it? These are questions you know I think about everyday. Its nice to have organic options at the store but why does it have to be more expensive, oh I remember now – because its natural and not mass replicated it’s actually a “Limitied” edition of natural food!

    This whole issue is not going to change.

    So, either we start to pay extra for range free meat and organic vegetables (if we stop buying the hormone injected and pesticide infected the business will not be able to maintain business) because it is what is best for us and for the animals and for the earth (therefore worth the extra money – even though it shouldn’t cost more)

    … or we grow and hunt our own

    … or we just ignore it, like so many do, and it will continue to get worse.

    1. I saw a video a few weeks back. A little girl around 13 did a class project with vegatables. She placed them in water to try and grow roots. After several days nothing. She asked the grocer why. He told her that they were sprayed with pesticides he told her to try the organic veggies. This time they yeild roots, stems and leaves but they were thin, weak and wilted. She went to an organic store and tried with their vegatables. The plants that grew were strong and full. So the organic in the big chain stores are tainted too. Just not as much. We can go to the farmer markets and do better as far as price and purity. Not only will we getting better food but also supporting local farmers.

      Another issue to be concern about is the fruits without seeds. That is unnatural in addition to one day we won’t have those fruits or vegatables because they don’t have seeds to regenerate. This is already an issue I read on one of the blogs. If I find it I’ll send you a link.

      I know those videos are hard to view.

  4. Great post, SHO! We truly are what we eat. As far as who is the animal, well it’s humans whose brains have supposedly evolved beyond that of the very animals and vegetation they are ALTERING.

    As far as PETA, this organization initially stood for something real, Now, however, they’re just as manipulative and scrupulous as the very corporations they purport to go after.

      1. Totally agree, SHO. I was raised on a farm. My dad raised all our food, including livestock. He taught all eleven of his children to CHOP WOOD & CARRY WATER. He practiced kosher slaughter of fowl & cow. He never shot the animals.

        To this day, I’ve chosen to practice and taught my children should they eat meat, to either raise themselves or do their homework before buying and eating it.

        Self-Knowldege is Self- Power.

        1. I posted this piece some time ago. I speaking with a friend about our food and wanted to share this with him. We agreed that the only way to know what we were eating was if we grew it and killed it ourselves. It must of been fun growing up on a farm with ten brothers and sisters. Wow!! You are right Self-Knowledge is Self-Power.

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