Not Going to be Stressed


I am too blessed to be stressed. I know it’s a cliché but it explains why I deleted all the emails that accumulated in my inbox from you fine writers, artist and photographers. I was trying to read and get up to date on each individual blogs. That was like trying to catch up to a race horse that already completed two laps. It felt like I would never catch up. I felt like I was not being true to your blogs if I didn’t read everything you posted. It was stressing me every time I looked at my growing in box. I realized the above statement would be the best mantra for my situation. So I deleted the past week of emails. I will beginning reading again today and go back and read your other post at my leisure.

I posted Secluded Muse  back in the early part of March. My muse wasn’t feeding me any inspirational words of poetry but my creative muse was helping me finish up my novel. I still haven’t completed it but I know how it’s going to end. I also started book two. My novel still doesn’t have a title. Titles have always been a dilemma for me. However I took a hiatus because I had another project to complete.

It is spring break for the elementary school students. Some of you remember G-son from my blog Just Peanut Butter and Jelly  I withdrew my petition for custody because I believed his mother would do the right thing. She did for a few months and then things went back to the way they were. It’s a long story but G-son is still hurting and acting out in school. He was left back last year and is in jeopardy of being left back again this year. You guys know how I feel about my kids. So grandma is spending the week with the kids and trying to get in G-son’s head and help him prepare for his statewide test which will determine his promotion. He’s with his aunt and granddad again.

I was also working on scrapbooks for my grandchildren my deadline was Friday. That was a last-minute decision otherwise I would have had another week, since I was going to give the books to the kids for Easter. I was anxious to see their reaction so I gave them the books last night. The books were/are a hit. Their eyes lit up and they smiled brighter than the sun during a heat wave. They looked at the old pictures and laughed. Later in the evening each of them at different times sat down and read the quotes I collected and pasted in the books.
Now all I need is for my muse to return from her vacation and fill me with poetic words to thrill and delight you guys with.
Thanks for your patience and for continuing to read my writing.



©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 4/12/14

me n my babes
me n my babes

20 thoughts on “Not Going to be Stressed

  1. Ow, aren’t they adorable? You know what? They remind me of Ghanaian children as if I know them personally 🙂 You’re doing so much for your grandchildren Kim and it always impress me.

    What i find surprising is the way G-son’s mum behaves. It’s similar to the way my older brother and his wife behave; my mom and I help with the education ;of their four children. Actually one of them is my full responsibility in addition to my three boys (sigh).

    I feel the same way you do about the emails in my inbox. But what I do is I delete those who hardly comment on blogs or even visit or like.

  2. I luv-luv-luv that you made scrapbooks for your sweet ‘babes’ Kim! Good for you. Your muse has been finding all kinds of other outlets it looks like. And both photos are awesome but especially that sofa hug pic. You’re all adorable! Love it. hugs, Gina

  3. Miss a day or two & there’s no going back or you will go mad. And – we would not want that. I don’t get emails anymore. I catch my peeps on my reader. And – when I get a chance & see something pop up – I go back a post & see if there was anything that I may have missed.

    Nice pic of you & your g’kids 🙂
    Of course – the scrapbooks would be a hit. That is something that they will look at all the time. I know my kids (nieces & nephews too) always love looking at my scrapbooks. Lots of good laughs with some of the pictures.
    Enjoy your time with the fam.

    1. I always try to keep up with the other bloggers. I’ve been doing that since I started blogging. I have a blogger friend that said he rather write than read. I get inspired by you guys. I have a separate email adress for my blog.

      I do enjoy my fam. But trust me by Easter Sunday I will be ready to run out of here. My family can be a little over bearing they all have strong personalities.

  4. I don’t think there is anyway to keep caught up with everyone! I honestly have days (sometimes a week or more) go by when someone stops by my site, and I think “oh no! I haven’t read their stuff in forever!” Then its a mad rush to go get caught up with that blogger. I am always glad when you make it through my site, but don’t feel obligated. Only on your own time table!

  5. Good Afternoon, SHO. Too Blessed to be Stressed, I know that’s right!

    You and your grandchildren are a precious sight, lady. There’s a whole lot of LOVE flowing from that pic. Thank you for sharing your hearts of heart.

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