Spreading Happiness

Hope for humanity is alive with one song that sings happiness  touching hearts around the world.



19 thoughts on “Spreading Happiness

  1. Its a great song and an amazing thing that so many countries round the world have embraced it. I was first introduced to the song by my Lithuanian friend who sent me the Lithuanian/Vilnius version. Thanks for sharing that link Kim.

  2. Sing along with me if you feel like a room without a roof. Because I’m HAPPY! Great share, SHO.

    Pharrell was overcome with love in that clip. The outpouring of love and joy he’s delivered through the song “Happy” is coming back to him.


    1. I know. He’s been around so long and finally has a song that is an instant hit. Everything comes in it’s own time and it’s his. I went to G-son’s school Friday and the guidance councilor had the kids in the auditorium dancing to Happy. He had it blasting so loud everyone in the school could hear it. I had such a good feeling walking in the school. Glad you enjoyed.

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