You Sexy Thing – Coming Out

sexy me
After I became a mother I also became modest. No skirts above the knees, my cleavage properly tucked behind whatever blouse or sweater I wore. I didn’t paint my pants on and I only wore pumps that were a quarter-inch high. If I had a meeting or dress up affair at work I would paint my face with an unassuming amount of makeup.
When my children became teenagers with busy itineraries. My husband was spending more and more time away from home. I found myself alone and bored most nights. This new club just opened, my girlfriend suggested we check it out on Thursday. A night of fun may heal my empty nest syndrome. But I would need something to wear.

On my lunch hour I went to the shopping mall across the street. My granny panties were not going to work, first to the lingerie shop. After examining every bra and panty set in the shop I choose a pair of black lace panties with a delicate red bow attached to the front waist band and a matching push up bra with its own red bow. I picked out a pair of sheer pantyhose to complete the undergarments.

The next day at lunch I went to one of the make-up counters at Macy’s. The clerk spent forty-five minutes accentuating my facial features. I told her I wanted to look natural. When I returned to the office my co-workers oh and ah, I was pleased.

The next day I went to several shops trying on long skirts, tight pants, dresses that showed off my round behind. None were right my hour was up so after work I went shopping again. I found the perfect dress a pleated black mini with a double-breasted jacket. It made me looked slim and showed off my ballet legs. I looked young and most of all I looked sexy.

On Thursday I left work early so I could take a long soak in the tub with lavender-scented candles and a glass of Pinot Grigio. After an hour of relaxing I caressed my body with Calvin Klein’s silky Escape lotion and dabbed drops of the perfume behind each ear, between my breast, on my thighs and behind my knees. I loved that soft scent that filled the room. I was dressed and ready by ten that evening. We needed to arrive before eleven to get in free on ladies night.

I went downstairs my teenagers and their friends were in an uproar. Demanding to know where I was going dressed like I was. I told them, out, and left. As I was unlocking my car my husband walked up. He looked at me and wanted to know where I thought I was going. I laughed and told him I was going to the new club. I climbed in my car, started it and pulled off. Leaving him standing in front of the house with his mouth hung open.

I felt alive, beautiful and bad. But most of all I felt so sexy that when I came from the lady’s room I sat on the couch and threw my left leg over the right, I left little to the imagination. The photographer hands trembled as he was focusing his camera. The only thing you couldn’t see in the picture was the six-inch red stilettos I brought to match the little red bows.


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  1. It’s always good to have a night out with your girls, And leaving hubby behind with his mouth wide open was great. I’m sure he was the one that the matching bra and panties were for. I take it that It was a great night for all.

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