In Love with Love

Yesterday I posted You Sexy thing – Coming out  for the challenge Blogging 201 the challenge was to write what you were wearing when you felt sexy.  Today prompt was Only Sixteen I’m to write about the person I was.




‘Now, I’m craving your body, is this real
Temperatures rising, I don’t want to feel
I’m in the wrong place to be real’

Sweet sixteen  in 1976. I was in love and with a guy that wore a size fifteen sneaker and ran up and down the basketball court. As a sophomore he was a star. He wanted me and I him. New to the school in a small town where everyone knew everyone.


‘I’m; longing to love you
just for a night,
Kissing and hugging and holding you tight
Please let me love you
with all my might’

Gazing in each other eyes with hunger and caressing the areas youngsters shouldn’t. We had an urgency we were teenagers pretending to be adult lovers. We were clutching hands as we left school after home room. His parents were at work. Playing house was my plan, playing doctor was his.


‘Reasons, the reasons that we hear,
The reasons that we fear
Our feelings a-won’t disappear

My aunt said a way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. With her guidance I made a T-bone steak, twice baked potatoes and fresh broccoli. Diner was scheduled for six and it was six-thirty. I called his number. The phone rang once, it rang twice, it rang and it rang. My cousin and girlfriend were there. They looked at me with bright eyes. They apologized for his inconsideration. At eight o’clock the three of us enjoyed the first of the many meals I would prepare over the years.


Oooh! And after the love games have been played
All our illusions were just a parade
And all the reasons start to fade

He had a girlfriend, I didn’t know. She was on vacation with her parents. When she returned he escorted her back to school holding her hand. I was there I saw with through eyes filled with tears. She was his girlfriend since they were little. My heart was crushed. My pride was bruised. I was a pregnant fool.


And, in the morning when I rise,
No longer feeling hynotized
For no reasons, our reasons, our reasons
Have no pri-ii-de’

Reasons by Earth, Wind and Fire was playing when we arrived at the hotel. My uncle paused for us to listen. When the last words played I felt a lump trying to constrict my breathing. In the hotel down in the basement ladies with their mates were waiting to go to the back where a vacuum sucked away stupid mistakes.


‘After all the reasons why
All of the reasons were a lie
After all the reasons lo-ove was ne’er decide’

At sixteen  I wanted to grow up fast. I was in love with love and wanted to hurry up and have my own family. I made many mistakes when I was sixteen. I did things without considering the repercussions. At sixteen I didn’t have a clue what I was looking for. I was carefree and didn’t care. Right after this relationship I embarked on another one. I was, as they say today, played over and over again. Maybe it was the refer I smoked and the liquor I drank. Spent sixteen and many years after flying in a cloud.


‘I can’t find the reasons
That my love won’t disappear
Can’t find the reasons
Why I love you ,my baby, my dear
Can’t find the reasons
Wanna love you all night
Can’t find the reasons
Gotta squeeze ya, real tight
Can’t find the reasons
Baby- yeah,
For my tears
Can’t find the reasons
Why I love ya….’

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 4/16/14
Music lyrics from Reasons by Earth, Wind and Fire.

25 thoughts on “In Love with Love

  1. I like how you intertwined your words between the song verses.
    Ahhh – teenagers. Gotta’ love them & their naive hearts. Sad when their hearts are taken advantage of though.
    I had my crushes – but – nobody ever asked me out. Well – nobody that I’d wanna’ go out with LOL. I wasn’t interested in the dating thing. I was a square – LOL

  2. Kim, I made similar mistakes when I was 17. And over here 17 is way too young then and even now especially when I see them skimping around acting all grown up. The only difference might be that I made most of them with the guy who eventually became my husband! But they were mistakes all right. Every now and then those mistakes comeback to haunt us and we try our damndest to make the marriage work!

    A great write my friend!

    1. Funny you should say they come back to haunt. I am friend with this guy on FB. He says he wants to marry me. He doesn’t even know me. As you see I didn’t forget how he treated me. I forgive him but . . . .

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