Rich and Creamy

Today’s blogging 201 prompt is Junk Food Junkie -What’s your biggest junk food weakness? Tell us all about it in its sugary, salty, glory.

In the summers my sister and I would go to the day camp where my mother worked. After work Mom would take us to that new ice cream place, Baskin Robins with thirty-one flavors. Mom would get black cherry with thick as molasses hot fudge and a mountain of fluffy white whip cream topped with a sweet oozing cherry. I tasted it and it was heavenly. My sister she would try different flavors but became partial to mint chocolate chip, and bubble gum flavor. They were tempting especially when she finished the bubble gum ice cream she would have a mouth full of gum. I ordered the same flavor every time Jamoca on a sugar cone. That was just a fancy name for coffee ice cream. Mom would tell the guy to let me taste all these different flavors. Many of them were good but they were just teases. Even the vanilla which was my favorite before coffee didn’t thrill me like the Jamoca. I would savor every lick, letting the cold ice cream slowly melt in my mouth. I would close my eyes and let my tongue every oozing drip trickling down my cone.

Today I eat different flavors, salted caramel with soft hard caramel chunks that I suck until they’re free of ice cream then I savor every morsel. I eat Chocolate, chocolate chip, vanilla bean, caramel de luce, chocolate fudge, cookies and cream, oh the list can on. I especially love the Gelatos’ many companies make them now but my favorite is Talenti. I have some pistachio in the freezer now to savor tonight while I enjoy my prime time shows. Mom would be so proud that I now try a variety of flavors.

Actually I love anything that is smooth and creamy that teases and tantalize every inch of my mouth with my guilty pleasure. Tapioca pudding, I suck the little balls clean. Flan I learned how to make my own. I make a very simple one and one with cream cheese and sweet condense milk. I make it with extra sugar melted on the bottom so I can suck that burnt sugar like a lollipop. There’s this deli that sells this almond cake that has lighter than air almond flavor pudding in the center and a whip cream frosting with sliced of almonds sprinkled on the top. I tell you that cake is better than sex. I buy two or three slices at a time so I can enjoy them for a couple of evenings.
almond cake
Well that’s my junk food Jones even though there are many creamy things I indulge in.

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  1. mmmm yummers! I love flan! you gotta post how you make it and steps! 🙂

    Btw remember to select the line with the prompt, click on the link button above and copy ‘n paste the link going towards the prompt at daily post, this way the blog will ping you 🙂

      1. ya from where you start typing, you select all of this text.

        ” Today’s blogging 201 prompt is Junk Food Junkie -What’s your biggest junk food weakness? Tell us all about it in its sugary, salty, glory.”

        Then you click on the chain link and paste in the link that goes directly to the daily post’s site then it’ll work 🙂 I wish they had the list like before, it used to link up to a hundred people at a time sigh!

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