Super Granma or Stupid Granma

Take a Chance on Me
What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!


I don’t take chances or I’m too tired to think of one. I consider spending this week with my grandchildren a chance. It’s a chance to spend quality time with the loves of my life. It’s a chance to me because it’s going on six years since I was diagnosed with lupus. I tire easy and over working can push me into a flare. But I’m taking this chance out of love. It is nine o’clock at night I am in extreme pain and exhausted. I’m taking this time that I should be sleeping to submit my blog entry for Blogging 201.
I arrived at my daughter’s last Friday to spend the week taking care of my grandchildren. The following is what my week has been like.


Super gramma or stupid gramma? I went to the supermarket, returned to daughter’s house. Put the food away, cleaned and seasoned roasting chicken for Sunday’s dinner and chicken breast for Tuesday’s dinner. I sprayed oven cleaner in the oven and choked. I wiped the oven out then cut up onion, peppers and garlic. I cut cheese for bake mac n cheese. I cut up fresh broccoli. Wait for Chicken to finish cooking. My daughter’s oven is tiny so I had to wait for the chicken to finish cooking before the mac and cheese could go in. Peas and rice was done so was the broccoli. I only had four hours sleep this morning. I took a oxycodone and waited for my Sunday shows and dinner to be done. We ate around ten thirty that night. So tell me super or stupid gramma?


I hated math when I was learning it. I hated it when my kids were learning it. Guess what? I still hate it when my grandkids are learning it. Meters convert to inches. Ugh! 90 degree angles or 98. Double Ugh! And this new thing with finding the perimeter of the problem Sharia was working, which diagram best describes it. I am so thankful for Google to teach me to teach them. And the ones I just can’t figure out, they have other adults to help them. I just want him to finish his homework package quick so I can be done. We are half way there that’s 1/2.


After cleaning  I washed g-daughter’s hair and corn-rolled it. Later I fried chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and opened a can of peas. This was probably the easiest day.  I use a c-pap when I sleep. It’s for sleep apnea. I didn’t bring it with me so when I do get to sleep I wake up often. I also sleep on the couch. I’ve been averaging four hours of sleep a night.


My ten-year old granddaughter has been told repeatedly to clean her room. She spends all day and night and the room looks the same. On this day around ten thirty in the morning I went in G-daughter’s room to help. She had clothes she hasn’t worn since she was a toddler. There were storage containers that belonged in the kitchen. Empty cereal boxes and the girls scout cookies, her mother’s was missing. They were empty of course. Empty water bottles, juice bottles and chip bags. We filled a garbage bag up to my waist. It was four thirty when we were finally finished. After my yelling, complaining and chastising her for the mess she had in her room. After her pouting and being ready to cry at times she came over to me.  I was sitting recouping from cleaning  that disaster area. She took her little arms and wrapped them around my neck and said, “you’re the best gramma.” Worth all the fussing.


The children and I went to the supermarket. I brought food for that night, Friday night and for Sunday, Easter. Again I was working on four hours sleep. We put the food away and I made them hamburger helper with ground turkey. Grandad who usually takes care of the children since my daughter is on-call twenty-four seven. He asked me to watch the kids over the weekend. I decided to stay the week since they were on spring break and g-son number 2 needs some help with his behavior and studies. Grandad was supposed to return Monday but the days got mixed up and he returned this night.


Kids and I went to the ninety-nine cents store for a roasting pan. We went to two of them and neither had what I needed so we went to Sears. It was equivalent of a six block walk  and seven in total when I returned to the house. I purchased my pan and a hand mixer since the one my daughter had broken when I was making the mashed potatoes. I went back to Stop and Shop supermarket to get the few things I forgot the day before. We returned home and I finished cleaning the shrimps and breaded them for dinner. I de-boned the leg of lamb, washed it, seasoned it and tied it together. I wrapped it and stored it in the frig for Sunday’s dinner. I then fried some of the shrimps and sautéed the others with peppers, onions and garlic. I fed the kids and now I’m typing this. I have two more days before  I go home. That’s Monday morning. I will succeed in this chance I took.
You wonder what chance I took. All that I did this past week is more than I’ve done in the year. I took the chance to spend time with my grandchildren. Cleaning, shopping and cooking all with limited sleep and with the risk of having a lupus flare. I considered this a chance that I will be successful with.


I would spend some time reading emails but exhaustion has kicked in. I checked for errors but I can’t keep my eyes open. So please excuse me if there are boo-boos.


Thanks for reading.

24 thoughts on “Super Granma or Stupid Granma

    1. I know what you’re saying. I love being with them but when it’s time to go home I ready. I came home yesterday, I unpacked, showered, ate, watched a little TV and was sleep by 3pm woke up around 8:30pm then went back to sleep until 7:30 this morning. But worth the exhaustion.

  1. Geez Kim – I’m tired for you just reading this.
    G’daughter wrapping her arms around your neck & saying – “you’re the best gramma.” PRICELESS.
    And – the time with all of them – also PRICELESS.

    1. Yea and as I was leaving yesterday, I had to whisper in her ear, “Clean your room before it gets like it was again.” But all the picking I did they didn’t want me to leave. That feels good.

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