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Saturday Night
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! What’s your favorite way to spend Saturday night?

I use to live for the weekend. As a kid mom use to buy chips, ice cream sandwiches and soda for our Saturday night picnic in front of the TV and invite Doris Day or Elvis Presley into our living room. I remember watching “It’s a Mad, Mad, World”. My sister and I would be in our pajamas and lay the floor on top of a homemade blanket and foam pillows my aunt made for us. I tried to give my kids the same experience. Only I went to Block Buster to rent the newest movie out. Sometimes on Fridays I would wait at the counter and ask people what they were returning, I wanted to see the Abyss and I waited almost two hours for someone to return it.
As a teenager I would go wherever the party was. If there wasn’t a party we use to hang out in the ‘buildings’. Up the block from my house was an apartment building and we use to meet up in the stairwell and smoke our joints and drink cheap wine or beer.
When my kids got their own lives I started hanging out with my girlfriend I spoke about in the post. You Sexy Thing – Coming Out If money was short we would just get a bottle, some drugs and hang out at someone’s house. When she moved I met a friend that hung out at this local bar. That was fun. The Saturday bar tenders only mission was to have that bar parting no matter what time of the day it was. It was like bar in the show ‘Cheers’ where everyone knows your name. Only we were loud and rowdy drunks. I enjoyed hanging out there. We laughed, had parties where we all made dishes. If someone was out of hand the cops and correction officers who hung out at the bar would put them . . . no toss them out. We made sure those who were so drunk that they forgot their own names got a ride home. We were strangers who became family. I visit once and a while and I’m still treated as family. Occasionally my birthday has fallen on Super bowl Sunday when it does I go in to enjoy the crowed that comes in to watch the game.
When I worked I lived for the weekend. Now that I am retired, Saturday is like any other day unless I have plans, like visiting the grand kids, a family gathering or some special function. If not I still like to have junk food and a good movie. I may rent something from ‘On Demand’ since some of the new releases are on sale. Tonight I’m with the grandchildren and I’m going to bake a cake for Easter. I want to prepare the carrots and string beans for tomorrow too. So all I have to do is put them on the stove. I know real exciting.

13 thoughts on “Living for the Weekend ~ Saturday Night

  1. When I was in the Uni my Saturday nights were spent either in the various discos on campus! jamming or partying with friends and my boyfriend who became my husband! 🙂 Now my Saturday nights are spent at home with the kids or at a social event, church or asleep! 🙂

  2. Time changes! Once you were among the children, now you go to see your own grandchildren. I love carrots and I love weekends too. That’s when I get to do my own stuffs in my own way. Cheers!

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