Because the Night ~ 24 Hour Creature

Because the Night
Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

When I worked I was a morning person. I worked with the Post Office the last few years of my employment. I loved to get there as early as six-thirty in the morning and be off at three in the afternoon. I was always the one willing to take the morning shifts when it was required. My career was in Homecare one person was required to be in a half hour early to take care of the cases the aids called out on. I was the person always willing to go in early. I was always on time always.

Now that I no longer work I am a twenty-four hour creature. I get in bed as early as six in the evening. I may doze off, wake and watch a show, check FB or emails from my blog or play a little scrabble. When the early morning comes say around two or three. Inspiration hits and I type beginnings of poems, sometimes complete poems on my tablet. Since I don’t work I can go back to sleep and stay in bed all day. Only I need to get up and take medication.

Now when I have physical task to do, like shopping, cleaning or doctor’s appointment early morning is best time. If it’s creative stimulation it’s the wee hours of morning. My creativity wakes when the world sleeps.

In conclusion I am a night owls sometimes and sometimes and early bird.

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 4/22/14

11 thoughts on “Because the Night ~ 24 Hour Creature

  1. I’m a night owl that has turned into an early bird by life responsibilities & changes. If I had a choice – I’d like to keep myself as an early bird – but – on my own terms & schedule.

    1. I was away for the past ten day with the grandchildren. Fell behind on emails again. But the gift was spending time with the kids. Thanks for asking. I will get it completed very soon.

  2. Like you I am a 24 hour person I listen to my body and mind whenever I can, without a self-imposed schedule. I have never been much of an early bird though.

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