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Dream Traveler

Blogging 201 daily prompt

The Wanderer
Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!

The one place I would love to visit, even possible live in is Alaska. There is still wilderness where nature still rules and man is but a guest. Also it very rarely gets hot.

Seattle I hear it rains a lot and sometimes one can see the northern lights. I love the rain it makes me feel nice and cozy.

Sweden would be nice to visit, they have ice hotels. The craftsmanship would be amazing to see. And isn’t hat where the Vikings came from? I can see myself with one of those hot brutes.

Venice, Italy it must be romantic, exciting and fun to live surrounded by water. To wake in the morning and look out your window to see the sun rising over water.

For my fifth place is hard to choose. I would love to see the pyramids in Egypt. A trip to Hawaii would be nice. Isn’t that paradise on earth? Africa would be an exciting destination I would love to travel through the jungle and see wild animals. Japan with it unique trees, plants and beautiful mountains. Oh yea the Antarctica would be a great place to visit, the challenge of living in extreme freezing weather.

There are so many beautiful and exciting places to visit in this vast world I could never narrow it down to just five. I didn’t mention Australia, New Zealand, Tibet or Brazil. There are so many extraordinary places. But I would probably never see any of them if I can drive, take a boat or train to reach there. No one will ever convince me to board a plane and fly the sky.

21 thoughts on “Dream Traveler ~ The Wanderer

      1. I’m a gypsy like my mother was. I had travel in my blood since I was old enough to say bye-bye. So interesting how different each one of us are. I am amazed that there can exist 7 billion people on earth and no 2 are exactly the same. Wow! I’m making this into a post. Xo my friend!

  1. Alaska is beautiful, and you can drive there (but it might take a while)! A friend of mine just drove from North Carolina to Seattle, took a ferry up the inside passage, and finally arrived at his new home in Fairbanks yesterday. Oh, and he had his six-month pregnant wife with him. So I suppose anything is possible.

  2. I pray you get to visit all most of not all of these places. As for me, I’m so ‘bush’ I hate traveling. I can’t think of anywhere I’d want to visit. Maybe the moon! 🙂

  3. I agree that Alaska is inviting, Kim. My wife lived there for a year 25 years ago, and her sister still does. So I have hopes that someday I will get to see the beauty of it.

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