Whose Reality?

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Merriam-Webster defines reality as a state of being real. The antonym of reality is fantasy. One synonym of fantasy is dream. Therefore the mirror image of reality is dream. Which is the balance keeping our universe aligned. Metaphysics is the study of abstract thoughts. Meaning that there is no right or wrongs only what one perceives as fact.

Two weeks ago a friend posted on “If you don’t create your own reality you’re living someone else’s” I understood his underlining message. It was a poetic statement but in my opinion not accurate (my reality says I don’t have to accept his view). If you have no goals, no dreams then you aren’t living you are existing. One should always pursue their own goals or they are living without a reason for their own existence. That is their reality not someone else’s. They may contribute to someone else’s reality but again they are not living someone else’s reality.

How can you live someone else’s reality? Their reality is theirs and your reality is yours. Each of us has our own reality just like a finger print or DNA. No two realities are the same. We may share realities at any given time but our perceptions of said realities differ making our own realities.

To further prove his point stated he doesn’t nor has he ever dreamed. Which means his reality is incomplete. To validate his original statement one would have to have a dream to make a reality. How would you know what’s real if you don’t dream?

When I was little I believed that if I wasn’t in the room everyone else ceased to exist. I know narcissistic, but in a way I was right. Their reality ceased to exist in my reality because I wasn’t there. So whatever happened was hearsay simply because it wasn’t part of my reality.

Our dreams are our thoughts. We dream of what we want and wish to accomplish. We follow our dreams until we prescribe to the reality that dreams don’t come true. Disappointment and negativity brings us to that conclusion. But as long as there is air in our lungs, dreams are possible. Because of these dreams, we have faith.

Our thoughts, our feelings and our experiences are our own reality making it impossible to live anyone else’s. We each have your own reality. He further told me I should listen if I don’t know something I think he should do the same. After all opinions are like assholes we all have one. To close your ears to other points of view because you believe that your view is the only view is hubris. We all know what we know until we know different.

Those who read my blog know that my thoughts are abstract and sometimes go beyond the known galaxy. This is my reality and I welcome you to explore it. My language is plain and easy to comprehend.

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12 thoughts on “Whose Reality?

    1. LOL I know what you’re saying. When I was a kid I use to sneak around to see if people were talking or anything when I wasn’t there. then I figured they knew I was so they started talking. The minds of children.

  1. Well written and expressed, Kim, and I agree…we each have our own reality and how can we live without dreams? Either while sleeping or (day)dreaming about goals in life, about working towards a passion…great post and Happy Friday to you, as well! 🙂

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