Perfect Lover ~He’s (She’s) So Fine

He’s (She’s) So Fine
What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their blue eyes? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice

This prompt will be a little creative. I am mentally single so I will tell you what will attract me to a significant other.

I will see the physical aspect first because I don’t think I will do on-line dating. I would like a man who clean, well groomed and dresses sharp. A mature man who dresses his age, no an old man that wants to wear what the teenagers are wearing. Big turn off! I’m not saying he should be dressed in shorts with black socks and shoes. I want his to dress his age, wear what looks good not what’s in style.

After that I want someone who is family orientated. I want him to accept that I like spending time with my children and willing to spend time with us always.

I want someone who stimulated my mind. I want us to have conversations about life, humanity, hopes and dreams. Someone who I won’t get bored with or feel they can’t keep up with my thoughts.
I want someone who will enjoy sitting home watching movies with me. That wants to go out sometimes to enjoy a meal, play, concert or movie, or doesn’t mind taking a walk along the beach or through the woods. Someone who still wants to have adventures not to mumble I’ve done that and don’t want to do it anymore. I want someone who wants to make new memories with me. Then when we can’t do those things anymore he will be willing for us to sit together and reminisce.

I don’t want much but I don’t think anyone can fill my wants. I’ve been hurt and disappointed too much in my pass that I’m afraid to try.

19 thoughts on “Perfect Lover ~He’s (She’s) So Fine

  1. It’s good to know what you want, Kim, but love is not like a grocery check list. Be open, there are kind and considerate and responsible men in this world.

  2. I pretty much agree with all the qualities you look for, Kim, which is what I found in my hubby 26 years ago. He was not only handsome (still is), but he was kind, a gentleman, with a sense of humor. Even after 25 years of marriage, we still talk about everything and share the dreams that have come true and dreams we still dare to dream…I feel one has to dig deeper than the physical appearance to see truly into the heart and soul…
    I hope you find your perfect mate if that’s what you want…I read that you’re pretty set in your ways and that’s fine, too, so maybe finding someone again isn’t the most important goal in your life anymore…well, anyway, you know I wish you all the best and much happiness! Hugs!

      1. I’ll have to read your story, but if I were in your shoes, I’d probably feel the same way…then again, what about second chances? 🙂 Just let your heart lead the way, my friend…

    1. I know I tell young women the same thing. For me at 54 there is very little I will compromise on. I’m pretty set in my ways and know myself. I know what I will or won’t tolerate. 🙂

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