A Waste of My Time ~ I Can’t Stay Mad at You

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I Can’t Stay Mad at You
Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

I gave you space in my thoughts and you invade my peace. I allowed you to upset my calm with your negative aura. I have dismissed that veil of destruction you casted on that day. I was able to shake it off and allow sunshine to brighten my heart with forgiveness and I even forgot in a way. You see the injustice you did to me will not hinder me. It’s not a part of my universal peace. Therefore I won’t dwell on it and feed the greedy emotion that holds a grudge. It is a waste of time and an intrusion on my personal happiness. I moved on and continue to follow my course for a tranquil life.


13 thoughts on “A Waste of My Time ~ I Can’t Stay Mad at You

  1. We would be foolish not to expect life’s little or large annoyances. I think we’d also be foolish to hold onto them. However, Kim; in my experience it’s not so easy to let them go. If I’m absolutely honest, I’d have to admit to my humanness, which can deny (at times) those little tell tale signs of hurt lurking within. What I can readily admit is the conviction I hold to, to release those energies as they present themselves. Though I must also admit; it’s more like peeling that proverbial onion… 😉

    1. I respect that. I’ve been hurt and done wrong so much in my life that if I held onto that pain I would be one bitter person. I was for a while so I learned that I can’t let the anger consume me so I learned to let it go. What others think about me, what they say to me no matter how hurtful can’t affect how I feel unless I allow it. I don’t allow it. Don’t get me wrong I get angry and lose control but I pull myself back as soon as I recognize it and let the anger go. I wake up every morning angry. I do and I can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s the lupus that prevents me from sleeping, that keeps me in constant pain. I don’t know but I lay in the bed and wonder why and there is no reason. But each morning I have that feeling and force myself to shake it off.

  2. The original offence can be laid at the feet of either of the two folk involved, but the perpetuation is in the hands of the offended party.

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