I Do Not Possess My Prize Possession ~ Pride and Joy

Pride and Joy

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What’s your most prized possession? GO!
I do not possess my pride and joy.

We all work hard for food, clothing and shelter. We take what extra we make to buy cars, fancy jewelry and furnish our homes with extravagant pieces of art and designer décor. We showcase and brag our vanity by throwing fancy parties.

We cover the bruises from the ass kicking we received from our husbands. We hide the disobedient kids in the back room. We lock the liquor up from the drunken wife. We send the pill popping family junkie to rehab. We hope no one finds out that we are less than perfect

Our priorities are screwed up.

We buy love for our children with the newest and latest piece of electronic. We serve fast food instead of taking the time to cut, slice and prepare a meal enriched with goodness and love. We wash, splash on fragrance and dress in hundreds of dollars worth of threads. But we can’t visit our children’s school for open night to help secure their future.

We can tell you what happened on Games of Thrones but do you know when your kids are taking their finally exam for the school year? We live for the weekend and quickly turn off the alarm clock to sleep the extra hour or two. Don’t worry about the kids, they’ll grab a bowl and fill it with sugar and milk and watch brain numbing cartoons.

I was in this darkness once. Until one day reality and morality came to visit me in the form of lupus. I learned that time waits for no one and any day all those priorities and possessions will be empty memories. The memories that mean the most to me are not enough. I wish I had created more smiles and laughter. I wish I hugged and kissed and gave more time to those I loved.

Today my most prized possession is my family first and above all. They are the gifts I may not be worthy of. So I cherish, care and love them unconditionally and completely. I thank the heavens for allowing me to be in and apart of their lives. Their struggles are my struggles. Their hopes and dreams are my hope and dreams. Their lost are my lost, their triumphs are my triumphs. Their pain, their sadness and failures are mine and I shed tears of happiness and pain for them.

My pride and joy are the bright eyes that look back at me. The smiles and laughter, the hugs, the words of adornment and the quiet comfort we share when words aren’t needed. This is my pride and joy. My possessions I do not possess. I am thankful and say prayers of gratitude for them daily.

37 thoughts on “I Do Not Possess My Prize Possession ~ Pride and Joy

  1. Kim, sometimes when I come here to visit you teach me a whole lot with your honest and beautiful posts; this is one of such visits. I can only thank you for this teaching on love and family. God bless you my dear. 🙂

  2. I wish I can like your “About me” page from WP… So I tell you this way. I am sorry for your struggles but as you made clear, our struggles make us who we are and often – help us discover who that is!

    I know you love your family I just wanted to add a little bit of my personal experience…Make them your pride and joy, but let them have their own emotions. They didn’t live your life, you most certainly can’t live theirs. I mean this in a most positive way possible. When emotions get confused, body gets confused. Every person has to be whole in order to be content. I hope you will understand. 🙂

    1. I understand and trust me they live their lives. I just feel their pains too. I want to share in their lives but I know how to back off. My children they are doing their thing so I’m there for the grand kids. Their parents don’t realize yet how quickly time passes and their kids will be adults before they realize what I realize. I think this is the purpose of grandparents to be the understanding voice of the grand kids. My mother was to my kids. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

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  4. Very nice post, your message makes some important points…and the best is treasuring the simple things in life that money can never buy. Nothing in the world like one of my daughters just smiling or a hug from them, or my granddaughters sneaking up on me and landing a kiss on my heat telling me how much they love me. Kim your words give birth to long lasting happiness and smiles. Thanks for the spiritual hugs my sister!

  5. I love this piece. We have to realize what is really important. Life is short and nothing is guaranteed. It’s so easy to take life and others for granted sometimes all it takes for someone in our lives to be gone whether through death or that person just leaving us behind to wake us up. Sometimes we have to be “hit” with an obstacle such as a disease or an accident in order for us to get our priorities straight. Then there are those who just never “get it.”

  6. Wow! What a change up you throw. I was just getting comfortable with your blog format. Thanks for reinforcing the “change it if you want to idea.” (about blogs). (I’ve learned the concept for my personal life – even if I don’t always do what I would do.)

  7. You’re so right – our priorities are definitely screwed up! It gets real when life decides to take you on a roller coaster ride, then you realize what actually matters. Great post!

  8. Wow! What an awesome post. I have Lupus and RA also and after years of scurrying to work, I completely get what you are saying. Time now has a different perspective for me as well. Beautifully said!

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