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This month’s Blogers’s for Peace  challenge is to post a portrait of your ideal self–something that can remind you of the peaceful being you were born to be.To learn more about Bloggers for Peace click on any of the Bloggers for Peace including this one.

One more day and the month will be over and this was actually an easy one to complete.

I always thought I was born to be a writer.  Well I am writer but I think my real reason for being is to love and nurture the young minds that are closest to my heart.  So here the pictures of the loves of my life.


me n my babes
me n my babes





throw backs 001


throw backs 002


All my children the originals and the new generation.
All my children the originals and the new generation.


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16 thoughts on “My Ideal Self

  1. To be an excellent parent/grandparent seems a good enough ideal to me. With peaceful and loving childhoods we should emerge as peaceful and loving adults, and thereby a peaceful and loving future world.

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