Since Slice Bread ~ Going Obsolete

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Going Obsolete

Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?


This is a silly prompt. When technology becomes obsolete it usually means something better has come along. Take vinyl for example it was no longer desired when eight tracks came on the scene and became the preferred mode for listening to music with. That was until cassette tapes knocked them out the box. Cassettes lasted quite a while before CD’s were all the rave. Yet today technology brought us to the era of iPods. We have thousand of songs with a variety of genre literally at our finger tips. So is there anyone who wants to go back to vinyl? Well maybe old ‘skool’ DJ’s.


Who misses watching a TVs without remote controls? Remember watching whatever came on because you didn’t want to get up and turn the channel. Eventually you had to get up to adjust the horizontally and vertical knobs or twist the metal hanger with aluminum foil antennas. No I think I’ll keep my new technology TV. Even though back then I had children I could call to turn the channels for me.


What about using a beepers and public telephone instead of a cell phone that has text and Wi-Fi capabilities. Yea wouldn’t you like using those germy spreading contractions again? Even though I liked the really old wooden boxes that had little benches to sit on, they were nice. Imagine I would smoke inside one of those telephone booths smoking. Ugh!


There’s the hand mixer versus the spoon. The horse and buggy versus the car. Candles versus electric lights . . .wait candles wouldn’t be so bad. You get my idea right? Some old technology bring back feelings of nostalgia but the newer saves time even though sometimes I don’t feel like there’s enough time in a day.


I really can’t think of any technology I would want to go back to using. Except board games maybe, would they be considered technology? Well, that’s the technology I would want back, to spend an afternoon or evening in friendly competition with my love ones. Where wits not hand and eye coordination will be the test of skill. I would love to turn off all the above technology for an evening and play a fun game of monopoly, scrabble or ono.


I brought board games for the grandkids and me to play. Before I could find time to sit and play my beloved monsters destroyed them. Some of the pieces were found in my granddaughter’s bedroom remember the one I helped clean. (Read that story here.)


Anyway I’m a tech lover. I like gadgets and what’s new I want.

12 thoughts on “Since Slice Bread ~ Going Obsolete

  1. I like technology but no high fang ones for me. My mum still uses the traditional earthen bowl for grinding tomatoes and pepper when the blender sits patiently on the counter.

  2. I like to see the history of the technologies that were & what we have now. But – not sure I miss any of them either.

  3. I’m a tech lover too, but I’m with you on the “family” night of board games or cards. My grand children love to play games. They will put down their gadgets or turn the TV off so quickly when I ask, “who wants to play apples to apples?” Man I love those kids!

  4. I love my tech too much as well. Something I do miss though. My ex’s nan had a cassette walkman with a Tetris game on it. I miss that 🙂

      1. They were cool 🙂 I used to go to the arcade every Saturday after I got my paper round money and I would spend it on the arcade games there. I was unbeatable on Space Invaders 🙂

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