I Ain’t Scared ~ Witness Protection

Witness Protection
When you do something scary or stressful — bungee jumping, public speaking, etc. — do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or by strangers? Why?

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Fear is crippling and will hold us back. I fear flying but someday I may just do it. When I do I hope I’m with friends that know my fear. This way I can be comfortable being my scary self.


To conquer fear one must overcome the fear. I get those butterflies flipping and twisting in my belly every time I’m about to do something that makes me nervous. However over time I’ve learned to do whatever it is with my eyes wide open. After I complete what I feared I always learn it wasn’t as scary as I thought.


When I have to go to the doctor’s office and have a medical test or procedure done, I work myself into a frenzy, I’m filled with so much fear and worry that I have difficulty sleeping the night before. When I finally do the test, it’s usually easy and painless. Or I could handle it with no problem. Back when I worked I would have to stand in front of strangers to give orientations I would be nervous but I would always smile and someone in the crowd would always smile back. This made it easy and eventually when I had to stand in front of strangers on a stage I would get this adrenaline rush and it felt good. I gave speeches, presentations and these orientations for twenty years, it became second nature. Having to fire someone, walk through a crowd of stranger and be the voice of reason in a confrontational situation. I’ve done it all and nothing bad has ever happened. No one laughed at me or said things that were inappropriate. I always persevered.


Like this past Saturday at the Lupus walk. I was nervous about going there by myself and mingle among strangers. I took my camera but I wasn’t sure if I was going to take any photos but I did. In fact now I wish I interviewed some of the folk I photographed.


So as I said fear is crippling and we are the ones who cripple ourselves. I use to be shy now I’m one of those pains in the ass folks that talk to you when you want peace and quiet. I’m the one who will get up in a crowded room and ask the question everyone was thinking.


It was Franklin D. Roosevelt that said, “We have nothing to fear except fear itself.” It’s true.


Well if I was in a bank that was being robbed I’ll lie on the floor and keep quiet because I will fear those goons with guns. Not fearing them is stupid.


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 4/7/14

16 thoughts on “I Ain’t Scared ~ Witness Protection

  1. Fear can be a useful tool in our emotional tool-kit. but then a screwdriver is not much use if you need to hammer in a nail, or. take one out.

        1. British saying? I share my experiences in hope that it helps. I wrote about what smoking did to me and this woman a stranger quit because my story scared her. Six years we’re friends and she still doesn’t smoke. Many people have said that my stories inspire them one wsy or a another.

          1. Horses for courses. (British & Australian)
            “something that you say which means that it is important to choose suitable people for particular activities because everyone has different skills Ah well, horses for courses. Just because a plumber can mend your washing machine, it doesn’t follow that he can mend your car as well.”

            Here I am using it in relation to tools/attitudes rather than people, though. I think I understand the motivation in your writing. I sometimes attempt/hope to do something similar with mine.

            1. I understand. I think it’s my purpose. I write and sometimes I get ready to send and I end up changing my mind. But most times I take a deep breath and send it into the world. My family and friends very rarely read my writing unless I bug them to read a particular article.

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