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Hi everyone,
I’m stopping by this week to share what I saw in this picture. Praise, critiques and love welcomed.


“Grammy, what’s this picture of?”
“It’s where we swam back in 2017.”
“It looks dirty?”
Grammys’ face saddened. “When I was a girl it was beautiful. But people didn’t respect nature. There were oil spills that killed much of the wildlife. Then the  fires killed off the rest.”
“Can we go see this water?”
“There’s none  left. ”
“What happened?”
” The scientist tried to warn the people but they didn’t believe. The droughts came and dried up all the water.”

A loud whistle blew. “Come little one it’s time for our daily hydration and nutrition pills.”

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 04/07/2014

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43 thoughts on “Progress ~ Friday Fictioneer

  1. Creepy because this is SO close to the truth. Good job.

    Side note: “What happen?” – should be What happened? Grammy face should be Grammy’s face. A loud whistled blew. should be a loud whistle blew, (It’s the editor in me)

  2. It is sad to contemplate a scenario in which a young person does not recognise the natural world!

  3. A stark tale of potential ruin. As Ray Bradbury said about writing Fahrenheit 451, he said, “I wasn’t trying to predict the future, I was trying to prevent it.”

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