The Reshaping Power ~ If I ruled

If I Ruled the World
You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

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We are ruled by the seven deadly sins.

Wrath this is anger
Greed this is the desire for more than necessary
Sloth this is laziness.
Pride this is inflated self-worth.
Lust this is an unhealthy want of sex, money, power & fame.
Envy this is jealousy of what others achieved or blessed with.
Gluttony this is over indulgence.

These are the entities that  are ruling our world today. The powers that be, depend on these sins to keep us mentally enslaved. We are blinded by the glitter and gold of the designer market that we perform the deadly sins daily to commandeer what we believe is a status symbol. While the powers that be become rich hoodwinking the poor who wish to emulate the rich.


We laugh at these acts of the deadly sins on the social media, where idiots who don’t know any better display their stupidity. We all have seen the video’s of children being bullied by other children. Why? What about the video’s of people abusing defenseless animals? Why? The sex tapes glorifying permissive behavior. Why? Commercials that advertise visual and tempting foods that are bad for our health. Why? We hear the angry rants directed at groups of people who look different and have views that don’t coincide with our own. Why? We read in the daily news papers about people being brutalized and robbed. Why? People doing their jobs fighting fires, policing neighborhoods, arm guards safe guarding the transportation of money, jewels and people. The teachers educating our children are being gun downed by people who are confused. Why? These people like us are trying to earn a living so they too can provide food, clothing and shelter for their family, like we, ourselves are trying to do. They are losing their lives for reasons that are not worth it. Why? Because the seven deadly sins that rule this misaligned universe is tipped too far toward negativity. Some people laugh at and find the effacement of humanity a joke. Others  shake their heads in shame and embarrassment for those barbaric behaviors. We endorse these acts when we send those videos across cyberspace and they go viral.


I fear not the death that awaits me at the end of my journey. I fear living in this world where ugliness rules. I fear for my grandchildren and more so for their grandchildren. What will be left of this world if we remain on this avenue of ruination?


So if I was granted one super power it would be  to see the pure goodness each of us were born with so I could revive us to this pure state of loving human beings.


Wrath will be TOLERANCE
Greed will be SATISFACTION
Sloth will be building UNITY
Pride will be pride in HUMANITY
Lust will be REFINEMENT
Envy will be ADMIRATION
Gluttony will be RESTRAINT

I would have these works shine so they would eradicate the seven deadly sins from humanity.

26 thoughts on “The Reshaping Power ~ If I ruled

    1. I think this is why I’m in a writing slump. I want to open eyes and none of my words today feel good enough. I’m glad my words made you think but didn’t want your head to go in circles. 🙂

  1. I fear not the death that awaits me at the end of my journey. I fear living in this world where ugliness rules… Powerful statement and so very true.

              1. dewdrops of beauty falling from heaven.. (It was something I thought of yesterday and want to write a poem about).. seems appropriate a way to describe these gifts to you 🙂

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