Indullgences ~ No Apologies

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No Apologies
What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?


There aren’t any pleasures I do that I don’t feel guilty about. I don’t smoke anymore and boy was that a pleasure. I enjoyed smoking and it was a great stress reliever for me. But I prefer living so I no longer smoke, although  stress now triggers me to eat. Eating is a pleasure especially ice cream any flavor except anything with peanut butter or marshmallows. While I’m indulging in the ice cream I don’t have any guilt. I take that first spoonful, put it in my salivating mouth and slowly let every last drop melt off the spoon. I close my eyes as my taste buds explode I swoon into a quivering climax.


Oh it’s disgusting I know. I love anything creamy puddings, flans, mashed potatoes, cream pies, sherbet, whip cream. You get the idea. But I don’t like jello, wish I did that usually has zero calories. My creamy obsession, like I said is not a  guilt free pleasure. That’s because I am morbidly obese from excessive steroid use. I don’t have the discipline to eat just one scoop if I did then maybe it would be guilt free. I eat at minimum a pint of ice cream at a time. I know, I know I’m a pig!! I’m weak and blame it on the medication I take. When in reality I don’t have will power. It is so comforting when I feel the soft and sweet delights in my mouth that  gives me such satisfaction.


Before everyone tells me this isn’t true let me say my self-esteem is fine.  I’m comfortable in my skin and with the person I am.  I would just be more comfortable if I had healthy eating habits and a healthy weight.


I know gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins that I wrote about a few days ago. I never said I was flawless but I am constantly trying to be the best person I can be. After all I am a mortal I am not divine. As I often say in my writings I’m a work in progress. So I offer no apologies for my weak indulgences.  Also back in April  blogging 201 prompt was to share what my biggest junk food weakness. You can read that here.

24 thoughts on “Indullgences ~ No Apologies

  1. Steroids are a killer for eating/weight gain. When I was put on them in the six months before the operation I gained two stone. (That’s 28 pounds, for you Americans.) but worked to lose it again afterwards. Smoking may shorten your life, but I have read that feelings of guilt can do that too. Love yourself, and maybe others might catch on. 🙂

    1. I do love me. That’s why I”m so hard on myself with this weight. I’m uncomfortable. 🙂 But food is my comfort and I need to reprogram my thinking. Yea the smoking will kill me faster than the food I think.

      1. I am a firm believer in the power of meditation. You mention a lack of discipline. That too may be overcome, but of course there’s a catch 22 thing involved there. 🙂

        1. I know. I try and my ex use to say to try is to fail. I’m too easily tempted. I can blame it on exhaustion that it’s easier to eat junk than to fix something healthy to eat. But I won’t use that as a cop out.

  2. Cookies! I love to bake like Mom did and she was good! So am I! Heehee! But I don’t bake often simply because we don’t need the goodies in the house all the time. Sometimes, I have will power and sometimes, it’s left the building! 🙂 My hubby is the opposite; he loves salt; I love sugar! I’m glad you’re comfortable in your own skin, Kim, that is good, but like you said, it’s all about healthy eating habits, too. Why do all the good things have to be bad for us? 🙂

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    I just hope the price for this problem will not be too high in the end. I
    would love to help you but think only you can do that and I know it will be beyond hard – but you must make some effort while you can, though of course I know nothing of the problems you face.

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