The Life of the Sparrow ~ A Form of Flattery

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The Live of the Sparrow ~ A Form of Flattery
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Sparrows are such curious creatures, dear one. Do you know why they are curious? Yes dear one, because they must search everywhere for food. This sometimes becomes a bit of a problem for them. Why you ask. Well I’ll tell you. In the warm months food is a plenty. They have budding flowers and trees to fill their little bellies.

Then when winter comes, the weather gets cold outside and they find it harder get food. This is what makes them curious, dear one. Often they rely on the kindness of humans to give stale bread, rice or if they’re luck bird seeds. When these little fellows find a place that is rich in food they nest in the neighboring trees and eaves of surrounding houses. Occasionally one may get stuck inside a house and have a difficult time finding its way out. But somehow they make it.

We humans aren’t very different from the little sparrows. I’ll tell you why dear ones. When it’s time of plenty we are quite content and stay close to home. Playing and setting out our homes. We are happy to set up our homes where it is easy to provide for our families. But when we find the resources warring thin we venture out seeking a place where work, housing and food is a plenty. Oh like the little sparrows we may find ourselves visiting the old nest for old-time sakes. But we must go where it’s easy to provide for our family.

I tried,  very poorly I add,  to use the voice of my good friend Carolyn Page of ABC of  Spirit Talk.  Visit Carolyn you won’t be disappointed. She has distinct voice when writing about animals and their nature and how they are associated with us humans.  Carolyn and I have been  friends for two years since we both started blogging.  Her stories are always entertaining.  She records herself reading her essays and you can read along.  Do this and you will hear her voice whenever you read her work.  She has such a sweet, gentle and smoothing voice.

23 thoughts on “The Life of the Sparrow ~ A Form of Flattery

  1. I have always loved cardinals myself. Not just because they are my favorite baseball team, but because when winter comes to Iowa, the bright red cardinal stays put and forages in the snow when less courageous birds fly south. But then, sparrows don’t fly away in the winter either.

    1. I don’t have that much of a variety of birds in our area. A couple of doves, a blue jay and a family of cardinals. Around this time I may catch a finch, woodpecker or so as the pass through on their way south.

      1. We have a pair of cardinals that live in a tree above our yard. The males are territorial and maintain their territory by singing a warning song to other males. So, sometimes we have song wars that take all day. A wide array of other species come to our bird feeder.

  2. Well done to you, Kim… I’m flattered that you chose my style, and found myself enjoying the read immensely. I truly loved how you connected with your subject, finding those things we, as humans, share in common… After all, it’s true.. 😉

      1. ‘Offended’, never; I’m flattered.. I also very touched.
        As I said on my post – I do love ‘your voice’, and realise how lucky we are to share our uniqueness with each other.

      1. I missed me too – LOL
        Trying to get myself together. Lots going on right now. I’m ok. But – extended family having BIG issues. Will mssg you on Twitter…

  3. Great pic of that sparrow. I have a neighbor who has a bird house full of seeds and I see a lot of birds resting underneath my rooftop. It’s amazing how we take things for granted. I’ll check out your friend.

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