Nice to Dream ~Daily prompt: Pick your gadget



Nice to Dream ~Daily prompt: Pick your gadget

Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?
It may be nice to stick an invisible helmet on when I’m somewhere I don’t want to be. The invisibility helmet would have no lure for me though. There is nobody I want to spy on. Living my own life is more than enough for me to handle.
You would think a time machine and a door to anywhere would be the same thing. A time machine would transport me to another era which may be appealing to go back to when life was simpler and stress free and avoid the mistakes I made along the way would have its appeal. But that would prevent me from being as knowledgeable as I think I am. You only acquire wisdom through living and making those life changing mistakes. Then you spend the rest of your life kicking yourself in the ass and trying to build a better future.
So I guess I would choose the doors to anywhere. I don’t fly it that fear of heights thing. Every now and then I think I would try it. To show me how stupid I am to think that a plane conveniently falls from the sky to remind me why I don’t like heights. There’s the possibility of falling and dying or worst falling and living broken up. With and door to anywhere I could travel the world without flying.
Another reason I would choose the anywhere door is because I would love to go many places but my lupus usually tires me out before I get there. So even if I did fly I would be too tired to enjoy the place I traveled to. Now with this door I could go anywhere and when I tire I can go back through the door and go take a nap in my bed. I would be able to go anywhere my little heart desired and see anything I wished.

31 thoughts on “Nice to Dream ~Daily prompt: Pick your gadget

  1. I would team up with a friend, then one of us would pick the time machine, the other the anywhere door. After that we would go travelling together. Like you, I would have no use for the invisibility helmet.

  2. I don’t attract too much attention in public so I don’t need the helmet. I’m too worried about the time machine. I’m afraid if I squashed a bug in the past, I would change the entire course of history. I do like to drive. However, I would use the anywhere machine to go to places that require flying. I hate flying and airport security.

  3. I like your logic… I would choose the doors as well because forward motion is so much better than backward. My past made me the person I am now and to lose that would be a tragic and pointless exercise. Let’s choose a few doors and explore!

      1. I know.. the beauty of the struggles that we go through is much like the coccoon that a butterfly must fight to emerge from. Although it seems that all hope is lost, the beauty awaits the fighting soul to strengthen for flight.

  4. I’m already invisible so wouldn’t need a helmet. I wouldn’t use a time machine as changing things will screw everything up, but the anywhere doors are perfect for shopping and visiting. Also, as you say, it changes the need for flying and things like that. Imagine the smuggling you could do as well to make money.

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