Remember When – Memory on the Menu

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Memory on the Menu

Which good memories are better β€” the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze? How can one evaluate memories?

After we lived our days we store them in the recesses of our mind. Bad memories can sometimes be sweet thoughts of the days when we were innocent and doing thing before knowing the consequences. These fond memories can bring tears of longing.

As we age memories accumulate like deteriorating health. We reminisce about old memories more than we do creating new ones.

We can pass through an old neighborhood we lived in and remember the life we had then. We can remember eating nothing but egg sandwiches everyday because that’s all we could afford. Back then we grumbled and complained. Today we laugh about it. We laugh, we cry sometimes even wish we could back in time. Back to when things seemed simpler, easier even if it wasn’t, when we were living through it.

A smell can reminds us of an event like the smell of cotton candy and peanuts may remind us of an amusment park. A whiff of chicken frying filling the summer air may incite a memory of playing outside with childhood friends. Reading a book or watching an old movie may wake up sleeping memories. Going to a funeral mingling with old friends and relatives will definitely bring memories rushing to the surface. Don’t bring out the photo albums. We will smile with water filling our eyes.

Then the best memory inducer of all old songs. It is funny how many memories come flooding back when old songs are played. We remember who, where, what and when. How many times do we say they don’t make songs like they use to. In ten years we’ll hear a hit song from today and memories of today will come back.

Which memory do I prefer? I am more than a half a century old I can’t say whether recent and vivid memories are best or the old hazy ones are best. Memories are a treasure to cherish and hold onto, each in their own right. For me who lived more than half a century with failing health I spend many hours smiling, laughing and crying over every memory that comes to mind. I love them all because those memories reminds me that I lived and I lived well even when I struggled.

15 thoughts on “Remember When – Memory on the Menu

  1. Oh memories. I love and cherish them. My memories help form who I am. My positive ones help me remember there are always good times even when things seem like the worst. The memories I would rather forget but cannot clear from my brain are often important lessons I need to hold onto. Memories are amazing like that… They hold the key to our own happiness AND wisdom. God grants us these wonderful tools so we don’t need to rely on the outside world to find our way. Memories are mini-miracles!

  2. Oh beautiful lady, I love how you treasure your memories. Remember my post on our Memory Garden? Our memories are the brief left over impressions in the memory foam of life. I love that you have such a wonderful thankfulness for yours in spite of your life circumstances. You are a wonderful example of living the life you’ve been given with a heart full of gratitude. You are a beautiful light shining upon the dark road of other peoples troubles. Thank you. XO Sheri

  3. My head & heart are full of them & they just keep adding up. Of course – I prefer the good & happy ones. But – all of them are mine to keep. So- keep them.

  4. Allowing our memories to surface
    And allowing ourselves
    To fully engage with them

    While we watch
    And feel
    And then pass on

    We turn a memory
    Into a rich moment
    In the here and now

    1. Beautifully said. When I think of memories Barbara Stristrand (sure I spelled her name wrong). Memories like the corners of my mind, misty color waters of the way we were. Scattered pictures, do we simply choose to forget, or is it the laughter we choose to remember. I’m sure the words are mixed up but these words touched me when I was a little girl. Today I understand the words a little better and they still touch me deeply.

  5. We are always walking down memory lane, no matter where we are, been and will be. I agree with you and can so relate on that, kids these days on the other hand? don’t really understand do they? 😦

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