My Journey With Words (#mywritingprocess)

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When my friend Tish Farrell nominated me for the #mywritingprocess  Blog Hop,I was amazed. What? Me? Then panic set in. What exactly have I written that merits writing about? Why would readers be interested in a virtually nonexistent writing process when all they read  from me is half-baked haiku ( I know you guys are not gonna agree with me here). Let’s face it, well-meaning friends from the blogosphere have at one time or the other encouraged me to hurry up and publish a novel, to be specific a romance novel. But like I said on Tish’s blog, my major fears are not knowing who would want to read/publish the work once it is done, and a deep sense of not matching up to other writers out there. Until I started blogging two years ago, I hadn’t the faintest clue as to how many writers were out there on Amazon…

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      1. Thanks Kim, but I just did one today on my blog. It was interesting though, I kinda put a spin on mine. You could check it out. Thanks for thinking of me my sweet friend! 🙂

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