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Celestine Nudanu at Readin Pleasure asked me to participate in #mywritingprocess Blog Hop. I am extremely honored to be considered for this acknowledgement. Celestine is a professional and diligent writer. She participates in many of the writing challenges that circulate on Word Press such as writing for  Haibun and the Friday Fictioneer. She meets these challenges with expert skills. Celestine also writes book reviews. Her descriptions and the ability to entice us to read the book she reviews are masterful. Celestine is always challenging herself to learn the different forms of poetry. Her poetry displays great depth whether she is writing about affairs of humanity or a Haiku about flowers you are sure to be moved by  the passion her words conjure. When I comment on her poetry she often tells me its honored coming from me. I laugh because I have a long way to go to before I achieve her stature in the writing arena. Celestine dedication, determination and focus are the things I aspire to be. Please go visit Celestine blog Readin Pleasure I promise, you will be impressed. Thank you Celestine for including me in this Blog Hop.


I’ve been writing for a very long time. I enjoy playing with words to create poetry. I was  infected with the writing itch when I was in elementary school. As an introverted child I found that writing poetry and short stories a way to express the things I had difficulty saying verbally.  At times I doubt my talent at other times I amaze myself with some of the words I wrote when I re-read later. I don’t always follow poetry formulas. I usually develop my own rhythm and flow. I like finding new metaphors to use in my writing. I am always trying to be unique in in the way I express myself to my readers. I recently wrote Unlicensed Driver it was about living life fast without rules however most people who read it took it literally, thinking it’s about being cautious when driving. That was one of the first things I learned about poetry early on, everyone has their own interpretation.
I try to spread love and peace through my writing. I believe we need to become better human beings and should treat each other with love and respect. I write poetry in an attempt to inspire people to be kind to each other and nature. I hope to one day to write a poem that will bring enlighten to mankind. That we, the specie that thinks, will begin to see the destruction we create for our fellow human and our environment and come together to save humanity.


Honestly I have limited formal writing education. I’ve taken some free and paid writing classes over the years. I’ve done poetry reading and attended writing seminars. I also taught myself the craft with my ongoing subscription to Writers Digest. WD is a magazine that helps writers with tips on writing, finding agent and publishers. I learn a lot from this magazine. I’ve also read many books devoted to style, genres, plot building and Character developing. I enjoy reading books on grammar and perfecting my sentence structure. I’ve had a poem published in a magazine many years ago and most recently one of my short story’s  Possibilities was published in an on-line magazine “You: Unlimited The Life Changing Magazine


1) What am I working on right now?


I am finishing up the first draft of a novel that still is without a title. I have a hard time creating titles. It’s a love story of two people who are dealing with a lot of baggage in their lives. Because of the baggage neither of them is interested in having a long-term relationships. They are attracted to each other Wilhelm tries to convince Odette they could have sex and not get serious but Odette disagrees. She has a rule and won’t go against it at all. As fate would have it, they always seem to bump into each other. The question is will Odette give in or not. Will Wilhelm stop trying and forget about perusing Odette.
I am also working on a biography of my life in short stories and poems. I find it challenging because my memory only grasps things in snippets. I share a lot of myself  but there are things I haven’t because I’ve done a lot  I am not proud of. Therefore I’m still considering whether I want to share some of those things. But then if I reveal them I could be cleansing myself and maybe I will able to sleep better at night. Yes some of my sins haunt me at night.


2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?


My characters are three-dimensional. They live in the real world where real things happen. My protagonist has a family that is colorful in their own right. There are twists and turns that move it from the conventional love story. I fell in love with all my characters I see sequels in the future. I have a few pages of book two started.  Only I need to finish book one.


3) Why do I write what I do?


The first novel I wrote was a sci-fi story. I completed the first draft and became tired of it. I wasn’t too imaginative in creating  future technologies so to me, the story was bland. One of the first things I learned was to write about what you know. I know about love, about heart ache and passion. So I came up with my main character Odette she started out being the woman I wish I was more like but she has flaws like we all do and one of her flaws is her rule. Which I don’t agree with.    Her rule makes her heartless and I am a compassionate person. Odette is who she is.


4) How does my writing process work?


With my poetry I may start with a word or a line. Like this poem Greetings on this Day. I was telling someone something but it got mixed up and I said something like  today was tomorrow  yesterday. So this poem was created. Sometimes things happen and I just put thoughts to paper or computer and twist them until a poem is born.


Writing short stories I just start writing and my muse does the rest. I really don’t know where some of my stories come from.


I started my novel with the idea of Odette and her life. I started writing eventually she took a life of her own. All the character revolves around her life but yet they have their own lives which I plan to expand on in future novels. I like to write early in the morning when the house is sleeping. I use to like writing late at night into the early morning but lupus dictates my energy. I enjoy blogging and having people read what I write so writing my novel takes the back seat a lot.


As I stated earlier I am only a few chapters to finishing the first draft. I know what’s happening next I just need to glue my butt in the seat in front of my desktop and write.
I believe we all have a purpose and I believe mine is to write now if I become famous or well know that is to be seen. Maybe I’ll become famous after death then my grandchildren will reap the benefits. All I do know is that I will continue to prefect my craft and write always.
Next up on the blog tour is Andy Okieandy of The Wandering Poet  Andy writes the most beautiful love poems and quotes that will have you swooning in awe. He is a devoted father. He shares stories of the things he and his daughter do, the places they visit and the meals they enjoy. I’ve often read how much he loves being a father.  Andy is participating in the Blogging 201 course this year, his responses to the prompts are unique and witty.
Andy is a photographer he keeps his camera with him at all time. He doesn’t know when he may cross paths with something unique and beautiful. He must always be ready for that perfect picture.
Together with his words and photos Andy often shares music on his blog. His taste varies from modern classical to new age music. He is very inspiring and I’m sure you will find something on Andy’s page to make you feel good.

6 thoughts on “Writing Life #mywritingprocess

  1. I truly enjoyed reading this Kim.
    I always find myself at home in your blog.
    Best to you as you keep working on your goals.
    As for sharing more…when you are ready – I’m sure you will.
    And – you ain’t getting rid of me with anything you say. 😉

  2. I agree with Celestine; we can all tend to be a little hard on ourselves. Self forgiveness doesn’t always come easy however; my philosophy states that we humans are geared to work from the negative – we are always battling that aspect of ourselves. Thank goodness, Kim, with the years comes wisdom, and love. You, my friend, shine through your words. You have great love and wisdom; which can only be obtained by many, many rich experiences.

    1. I agree but those memories that visit in the darkest hours haunt with a vengeance at times. I try to be the best I can but like us all I am human. Thanks for reading.

  3. My dearest Kimmy, this is a beautiful and honest post you’ve written. I’m not going to talk about the praises you heaped on me. I don’t deserve them

    You my friend are a wonderful woman, full of experience, love, warmth and generosity. You are also brave and very courageous. Please, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are not a sinner. You have not sinned any sin that Jesus’ love hasn’t wiped away. All that you went through and did had to happen to make you a better person so please forgive yourself and yes, write about that part of your life. It would be a lovely inspiration for others out there.

    ‘One of the first things I learned was to write about what you know. I know about love, about heart ache and passion.’ Yes, I’m dying to read the story of Odette because I know it is about love, heartache and passion. You and I are sisters; we’ve gone through so much of these and we are survivors and for a damn good reason, Kimmy.

    I salute you. 🙂

    1. I think this is the sweetest comment you’ve given to me. Thanks so much. I do reveal a little of myself here and there. Especially in my poems. I do understand that I lived a life that helped me grow into the person I am and will become. You are right we are survivors and I am so happy and blessed to have met you in the blogsphere. Hugs and much love to you my sister.

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