The Mundane Poet

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the marriage uniting dreams and realities
was annulled in an ugly state of divorce and despair
an emotional limbo confused, alone and afraid
the heart and soul the empty hollows of fear

dreams were the glimmers of hope
are now the dark nightmares of death
a day  dreary and distorted
untruths and illusions are all that’s left

traveling this journey for many years
somewhere, somehow a wrong turn
captured and trapped me in a this place
to weep and watch my memories burn

once a beautiful and confident girl
emerged into a determined woman
who is now weaken and confused
without a future, without a plan

chastised like a defeated and broken child
angry words stuck and choking my throat
silent tears release and caress my cheeks
fearing this stress will bring a fatal stroke

I thought my words were powerful and sweet
masterfully connecting feelings and words
into thoughts that join and become complete

like a whispering shadow casting a magical spell
enchanting syllables a musical syntax
hypnotizing with a single sip of my poetry well

I thought I conjured visions of passion and delight
with the utterances of my magical lyrics
instead of words full of depression and fright

now humbly I submitted to what I learned
my verses are mediocre and ordinary
not of anyone’s interest or concern

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 06/07/2014

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22 thoughts on “The Mundane Poet

  1. Your words & expressions are nowhere near mediocre or ordinary.
    Impossible – considering that you are far from mediocre & ordinary yourself. 😉

  2. This too shall pass, (Not that you do not know this, of course,) Observing without reacting lessens the power of such passages of darkness. I shall be here when you emerge (or at least that’s the plan. 🙂 )

  3. There is nothing mediocre about your words or anything else about you , the beauty they bring to life within, along with the lovely embrace of their spirit is genuinely real…which always makes what you share important to me as you are a blessing to me Kimberly! Though your words sadden me, they were written so beautifully! Hugs and blessings!.

  4. Indeed your words are “…a musical syntax hypnotizing” to me and I never find them depressing, I only find a soul who has deep rooted understanding for what many of us have or are enduring. Thank you for “…connecting feelings and words into thoughts that join and become complete…” for me and all who read you.

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