Lupus Versus Lupus Matters

Us Verses Lupus

Us Verses Lupus is proud to introduce Monica aka Lupus Matters  of Douglasville, Georgia, USA. Monica is 40 years old and has battled lupus for 13 years.

lupus matters

What parts of your body is affected by lupus?

Lupus affects my skin, joints and recently started to affect my kidneys but the doctor is keeping a close watch on it.

Who gives you the most support when you need someone to lean on?

My friends definitely give me more support then my siblings. It’s sad but true. My family is supportive but not as much as I think they should be. ANY chronic disease is difficult for all the people involved and my family sees me being lively all the time and they may not know how to handle it when I’m sick. If you have the support from all your family and friends it helps to keep a lot of the…

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