Lupus Verses Mrs. Lupus

Us Verses Lupus

Us Verses Lupus is proud to introduce Marissa aka Mrs. Lupus


Q-What signs of lupus did you have before you were diagnosed?

Before I was diagnosed with lupus I was losing weight, I was fatigued, I lesions and the famous butterfly rash. I was having difficulty walking as well as joint inflammation. I was suffering from anemia and I had memory and cognitive issues.

Q-Did you know what lupus was before you were diagnosed? Does anyone else in your family have lupus?

Before I was diagnosed with lupus I knew two people with lupus. So I did hear of it but I had no clue what the disease really was. Some members of my family have other autoimmune diseases but I’m the only one with lupus.

Q-How do you handle stress in your life?

I handle the stress in my life by meditating, listening to music, watching TV and movies…

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