Sylvie Verses Lupus

Us Verses Lupus

Us Verses Lupus is proud to introduce Sylvie a 57 years old Woman living in Canada. She has been battling Lupus SLE and arthritis since 2008-09.

Lupus has affected her hands, wrists, ankles and skin. It eventually progressed to her hips and back. Recently she learned she has diabetes.  “I am now on some medication for Diabetes! She said my

blood sugars are sky high! No Diabetes in my family……..sheesh! When will this end???”


Do you feel that lupus stole anything from you? If so what and why?

Lupus stole my health, confidence, mobility, independence, and my ability to continue working.

Does lupus hinder you in any way? How?

With my mobility issues, the sun and heat intolerance as well as pain and extreme fatigue pretty much forces me to stay inside. It also puts a strain on making dates to meet family and friends. I never know when it’s…

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2 thoughts on “Sylvie Verses Lupus

  1. Thanks for sharing. This is a brutal disease. On my bad days, I feel like I’m screaming against the wind, waiting to be flung off a cliff. On my good days, I’m grateful to have a respite from the pain and fatigue. Through it all, I bare my teeth and learn how to fly while in freefall.

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