Leila Verses Lupus

Lupus is a brutal disease. On my bad days, I feel like I’m screaming against the wind, waiting to be flung off a cliff. On my good days, I’m grateful to have a respite from the pain and fatigue. Through it all, I bare my teeth and learn how to fly while in free fall.

Us Verses Lupus

It is an honor to introduce Leila Gaskin of Richmond, VA and who is also one of our fellow bloggers on Word Press. On her blog she shares excellent writing tips in addition to other useful information. Please check out her blog.

Leila gaskinLeila Gaskin

Today Leila is sharing her battle with lupus.

My name is Leila Gaskin, at the age of 44 I was diagnosed with Lupus LSE on September 2, 2010 – it’s funny how we remember dates that change your life. I finally had a name to the thing that had plagued me most of my adult life – Lupus.

By the time the diagnosis had come along, I was pretty sure I was losing my sanity and had become a severe hypochondriac. I had sucked it up and lived until I collapsed. This would be a pattern that I would follow until one day, I said ‘screw…

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One thought on “Leila Verses Lupus

  1. Sorry you have Lupus Kim. Sorry I didn’t really know how it feels and still don’t but can imagine better now. Sorry that you suffer and have pain. Happy that you share with us. Happy that you are mostly strong and fight it with your everything. Happy that you aren’t disabled and can still work and write. Happy that you exist and can encourage others with the same condition/disease to know that you are so much more than your body. All my love beautiful lady. Sheri

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