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Us Verses Lupus

New York, NY the city so bad they named it twice. I know everyone is in a hurry, hustling and bustling here and there where the rich, middle class and poor mingle on the same streets. It’s that energy makes me feel alive when I visit the city. New Yorkers are distinctive breed and I’m proud to be a native even if I live in Queens. We are trend setters in our style of dress, hair designs and NY flare called attitude. We are innovators and truly unique. Find a seat at time, day or night and become mesmerized by the sights of the concrete dwellers.

On Tuesday after five years and ten months of living with lupus I climbed aboard my Access -A-Ride bus  (AAR) and went to the New York S.L.E. Lupus Foundation  located in Midtown Manhattan. To attend my fist support group meeting. I went…

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3 thoughts on “If You Need Me

  1. This so helpful, supportive and uplifting. I am very glad to read your account of your discovery. They also are lucky to have you for a fellow member.

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