Would You Save a Life?

Us Verses Lupus

On July 15, 2014 I attended a clinical tail meeting with Lupus Research Institute LRI. The meeting was hosted by Diane Grossberg she was on a fact finding mission. She wanted to know what we as patients with lupus knew about the clinical trials. And how we felt about them. We all had basic knowledge. She explained that there are several types of trials. Clinical trials, observation trails and they all have different phases. It can talk a long time before a drug or treatment is ready for human testing.

Before the testing on lupus patients testing is done in the healthy population. This is to determine the side effects. Small sample groups are tested before the researchers are confident to test on larger groups of people. She informed us that although Benlysta is on the market  yet it is still in a trial phase. They are reviewing the long-term…

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