Healing Steps

I’m walking early in the mornings. It inspired a poem.

Us Verses Lupus

walking sign

sleep doesn’t come easy any more
sad, but it’s a fact. that’s for sure
just as the dozing gets good
the birds wake like they should
as first light pours through the window
I make myself rise from the pillow
yesterday’s pain subsided today
for good I hope, it’s gone away
morning routine done and completed
I can do the exercise that’s needed
The sky is bright and clear
I take in early morning air
pedometer on, ready and set
I won’t walk the track yet
around the high school I go
It doesn’t matter that I’m slow
I’m on a health mission
while lupus is in remission
once, twice and a moment to rest
completing four rounds is my best
it’s up to my sciatic back
if tomorrow I top that
tears and excruciating pain
I endure for my personal gain
I will be successful, it’s not just talk

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