Lupus and Children

Lupus and children

Us Verses Lupus

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Lupus is difficult to diagnosis in adults imagine being a child with symptoms. Children with lupus would have to avoid playing in the sun and wearing protective clothes. This child will have to live with the stigma and ridicule from their peers because of unsightly rashes. This child would be in pain and fatigue often. Lupus is devastating for adults imagine what it is like for a child.

I was one of those children and because lupus wasn’t common, widely known or understood I went undiagnosed for forty eight years. My mom had lupus and I knew since I was fourteen based on her symptoms that I had lupus.
I believe I had discord lupus which is skin lupus. Because I went undiagnosed my whole life it developed into S.L.E Lupus.

According to the Boston Children Hospital back in the 1950’s children only had a…

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4 thoughts on “Lupus and Children

  1. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this, Kim, and I agree with how hard it would be for a child. Any time I see a photo of a child with cancer, I ask “why?” What is the good that comes out of a child suffering? Well, it’s horrible that adults go through the same thing and my prayers are with you, always, my friend…

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