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I read a post on Purple Rays Blog. She shared it from Face Book


This is what it states:


“There are two types of education: education for a earning a living and education for life. When we study in college, striving to become a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer, that is education for a living. But education for life requires an understanding of the essential principles of spirituality; it is about gaining a deeper understanding of the world, our minds, our emotions and ourselves.” —Amma
My response was, “That’s an interesting thought. However I believe that no matter where or what you learn you grow and elevate from whatever you experience in life. Spirituality comes when enlightenment is realized. Anything you learn in life can’t be put in a category because it all is you. Whatever we learn helps us travel through life.”
Purple Rays response was this, “Well, learning are of various types; some sharpen our intellects to facilitate life on earth, others only waste our time and are of no use to real life experiencing while some learning are described as pernicious because they actually debase the human being! Acquiring spiritual knowledge on the other hand builds the human being and helps him/her on the path to maturity and ascent! Not all learning are useful!


However, while on earth, there’s need to maintain a balance between enlightening our intellect and nurturing our spirits: maintaining a balance between education for living and education for life as stated by Amma; such that there is harmony between intellect and spirit with the spirit leading!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I appreciate!”


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Throughout my life I’ve been formally and self-educated. I read a lot of interesting things. Things I once referred to as  useless information.  Today, I have come to understand nothing I learned is useless. I believe everything we learn, in life  enlightens us. Unless we are stuck in a pit of darkness and there isn’t any light to guild us. When we are young some lessons taught may seem  like a waste of time. Like algebra, I’ve never used the formulas to solve any issues in my personal or professional life. However I used the principle in solving many of my life’s quandaries where I had to find X to know what Y was.
I wouldn’t say learning something is useless, unless it goes against the grain of nature. Such as learning to harm a living thing thus putting continued existence of life on earth in jeopardy. It is my understanding, in life we learn from experience if we are wise we use what we learn in all phases of our lives.
As a spiritual person that is always growing I have used all that I have learned in life. I cannot separate my carnal self from my spiritual self. I am one and the same. All that I do, think and feel feeds  the growth of my spirituality. So how could anything we learn in life be useless if we grow from what we learn? My spiritual nature guided me when I worked to enhance what I learned in school.  Never than nor now is it separate.



The older I become I am remembering more and more  of the ‘useless information’ I’ve gathered. All the information I’ve collected in this half century has connected me closer to this universe. I learned that nothing and no one is insignificant. When we  lite our surroundings by  candle light we only see what is in the glow of that limited light. When we reach for the sun we begin to see everything and become enlightened. I reach for the sun and everything is relevant in my world, as a writer, a mother, grandmother, lover and friend. In my professional world my spirituality shines I don’t put it in my pocket. My spirituality is me. It guides me to wake in the morning, rest at night. It shines so that I can accept what fate has dealt me based on the choices I made while I was learning to grow spiritually, which is the only path in life, well for me it is.



This kind of touches on the poem I posted yesterday. I’m Who I Am Until I’m Not


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 7/23/14

6 thoughts on “Useless information

    1. Yes it is. I just watched a video about the privatizing of water. If you are poor you and your family will die because you can’t afford the connection fees or the rising cost. Water what every living thing needs.

  1. The title said Useless Info & I still read it – LOL
    I knew it wouldn’t be useless.
    I agree on your exception – if for harm…

  2. I agree Kim, that everything we learn throughout life is not useless information. Like you I believe that any piece of information is put aside for when we need it. We may not even know we are using it! So what kind of learning does she figure is useless learning? Even the learning of the most simplest, basic thing is useful. I have even used information I have picked up in reading, a piece of information most would consider ‘useless’, but to me nothing is useless. Hmm, am I making sense? 😉

    1. Definitely. This thinking is inspiring a new poem. I hope my muse lets me get the thought out. We are usually of same mind. Also a lot of thay “useless information” inspire some great writes. 🙂

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