Lupus Myelitis

Us Verses Lupus

awarenessI walk for my mother who died much too young. My mother suffered with lupus when very little was known about lupus and the only medication available to treat lupus was Cortisone. I walk for myself. I am challenge every day to get out of bed and  do something productive.  I am fortunate that I have more good days than bad.  I walk for my brother who had drug induced lupus for many years.  I also walk for my children and for my nieces and nephews that they may never have to suffer with this debilitating disease.

It is common to those who have Lupus to also have Lupus anti-coagulation also known as APS which is Antiphospholipid antibodies. This is also one of the symptoms I battle.  I develop blood clots which can travel to my heart or lungs and cause fatal damage.  I take blood thinners and have to…

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