In the Shadows of Hell

Yahoo Image Cried a River of Tears Last Night
Yahoo Image
Cried a River of Tears Last Night

greed has no conscious
the heartless bastards
the hands of manicure nails
are stained evil and dirty
hiding safely in
massive mansions
with fancy cars
big boats
and private jets
keeping it material
too blind to keep it real

dark wide eyes
no more tears to cry
no water to wash their clothes
no water to wash their face
don’t really matter
no water
to make the soup
hunger in the belly
natural like breathing air

the price of water
a gallon of blood must spill
where children play
rapid fire
hand grenades
trip wire
and nuclear missile
killing life that just begun
suicide boomer
killing for a god with hate
don’t they know
teaches love

horror and fear

take me and save the children
take me and free the innocent
take me and feed the hungry
take me and leave the animals be
take me and learn to love

. . . let peace reign

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 07/27/14

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