To The Bride and Groom Wedding bliss


It’s magical when fate
unite soul mates
sharing emotions of love
a favor from the Lord above

Always remember

when things get rough
as they sometimes must
grab onto each other and hang tough
true love is always enough

Wishing you happiness forever
in your life together

On July 5th My nephew married the love of his life. The above are the words I put in the card I made for them.

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria July 3, 2014

14 thoughts on “To The Bride and Groom Wedding bliss

  1. And a beautiful “send-off”/ wish/ expressed hope, for two people who promise to love and to hold through sickness and health, because times do get tough in marriage; Lord knows they do!

    Glad to see that someone else prefers to inscribe their own writings in greeting cards. I prefer letters and blank cards/ canvasses, on which I can write my own sentiments that are uniquely tailored for the recipient.

    “True love is always enough”. Yes. Thank you.

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